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I cut myself and deeply regret it?

Last night I was feeling extremely down and hurt, many personal reasons but probably more hormonal than anything. But nevertheless,

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my left wrist 3 times going in all different directions. At first, I didn't think I'd regret it. I thought it'd actually be cool because I've always wanted a scar - many people have had broken bones or something major happen to them that left a scar, nothing major has happened to me AT ALL. So to have a scar was pretty cool for me. I didn't do them deep, I didn't have the guts to take the pain, but just enough to leave an open wound but no blood.

I had a shower and all the redness went away, they were barely noticeable. Except now I've just woken up and looked and they're all

yellow and pink, the little wounds have healed up just a little bit now.

But I deeply regret doing it. I'm crying as if they do leave scars ..

how in the hell do I explain it to my parents, especially my Mom.

She's got enough trouble on her plate right now, she doesn't need to know I had one wild rampage and self harmed. I'm going to put a big

band-aid over it, to help the healing process and blame it on the cat for now. But please help me, I really do regret it and it's getting me down so much, what can I do to help the cuts?

Should I be honest with my mom? if I am .. it'll hurt her so much, she thought I was so much more sensible than that, but then again, I can't exactly lie because cat scratches don't normally leave scars like this.

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    I understand exactly what you're going through. I cut myself once when I was 16. I was desperate. I needed something. I was at school. I asked my friend for a scissors, I went to the bathroom and cut in my leg. It was only one deep wound. I guess my friends saw how distressed I was and they noticed -- I ended up in the principal's office, begging them not to call my parents (they didn't and I'm eternally grateful for that). My mom was so stressed at that time, she was on a deadline for her doctorate thesis. It would have caused her so much trouble.

    The next day I fell horrible -- so guilty. What the hell had I done? (I even wrote a poem about it). I didn't understand why I had done that. And, I had a hell of a cut in my leg. I couldn't hide, I didn't have it in me to hide. I thought my mom would see through my thoughts. So, I walked out the living room in shorts, showing the cut. My mom asked what was that and I was like: "Oh, my leg got caught in between stairs".

    That was it. Today I have a very faint scar, it's barely visible. But I know it's there, and it always reminds me how bad I felt that day, how awful I felt hiding from my mom.

    And I didn't cut again.

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    It sounds like they're not that deep. Don't worry, they won't leave scars but they'll probably bruise and that will take a week or so to go away.

    You should definitely be honest with your mom. If you don't feel like you can, then find an adult that you trust and let them know. You experienced emotional trauma that led to "self-injury". The risk is that this could happen again when your really upset about something, but next time it could be worse and possibly leave scars (physical and emotional). Your mom will be WAY better if you tell her now, rather than after it happens again.

    Remember, there's nothing wrong with you. You need to seek out help from someone though. Cutting is habit-forming and very dangerous. It may lead to psychological issues later on if you don't address it.

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    First of all you should be honest with your mum because she would be more stressed to find out about it later and to think that you didn't trust her or that she was too distracted to notice your problems. It will hurt her but less than it would if she found out later and it will help you to become closer to her if you don't lie, which will make you feel more apart and alone than if you share your feelings. Second, psychological help wouldn't be a bad idea as another, more private, outlet for your emotions and both psychiatrists and psychologists can be more helpful than you would think, so long as you don't find one that insists on helping the problem with nothing but prescribed medication. If you don't want to tell anyone, at the very least, if you can afford it, buy a copy of the book "The Happiness Trap" by Dr Russell Harris, which has a lot of good tips for dealing with your problems, whatever they may be. One thing that I think is very very important though is not to think that the reason you haven't cut deep is because you don't have the guts to take the pain. It takes more guts to take the pain going on inside your head than it does to cut yourself deep and you don't want to end up convincing yourself that you need guts to self-harm and that it will make your mental problems more manageable if you get those guts. Don't worry, your cuts will definitely fade if they didn't bleed and you will be much happier for it than having scars that you are ashamed to tell people about, they're not the kind of scars you were after in the first place anyway.

    Source(s): Way too much personal experience in this matter. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know anything else, I would be more than happy to help.
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    If you didn't do it for the pain, and the emotional trauma was only temporary, then you can be honest with your mom. She'll be hurt, but she'll be really happy that you told her and was honest. It'll relieve her in the end, although she might panic at first. The scars will be with you for a long time, though if you don't scratch, they might fade. Even if you get rid of them, they'll still be scars in your mind. I'm not proud of my scars, but I don't regret them. I'm not depressed anymore and in fact I love my life, and I feel like the scars helped me grow up a little bit, and are like rings on a tree. It's like I actually had a past, instead of just stretched my skin and bones and became a little smarter. You'll forgive yourself and being honest with your mom can only make it better. My mom had to find out by assumption. She loves you and cares about you. The least you can do is be honest with her :) Best of luck, love.

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    Neosporin will help the cuts. And I would say try to get your mind off the guiltiness. My sister used to do that so I kind of know what your going through. I'm sorry you did that and feel guilty about it. But think of it this way, at least you feel guilty and hopefully won't do it again. That's better then feeling like you did nothing wrong

    If you need to talk to someone you can email me: gnarlybrad@yahoo.com,

    P.S it might sting when you put on the neosporin

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    trust me, they won't scar for long

    a month maximum i'd think

    if you didn't even draw blood, it'll go away

    i used to cut my wrists, deeply, in the same places every day for about 2 months

    yes i have scars now, but they're barely visible, so if I'VE only got these scars from what i did, then trust, yours will fade to nothing in time.

    maybe wear a sweatband til then? that's what i do


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    Well your wound will heal up in a few days or in aweeks time. I think you need help. Talk to a friend or get professional help(counsellor). Or once your wound is healed up you can also talk to your mum. Parents are always the best people as they will understand you better and end of the day you are her child and this way your mum might also share her problem with you.

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    I wouldnt tell my mom ... well i cut n i dont ..

    I wouldnt tell anyone .. especially in school .. trust me - someone noticed cuts on me and school was a hell for two months then everyone forgot.

    If you havent done them deep then they would be gone in a week.

    In time i would wear a wrist band or something to cover it.

    Clean the cuts so they dont get infected or anything.

    And i wouldnt recommend to use scissors :)

    If you wonna know more then you can send me a message :P

    Hope ur ok now n ur mom doesnt notice .. Trust me - you wouldnt want that to happen ...

    Source(s): Life ...
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    These cuts must have been inflicted with the razor laid flat on the skin. If they did not bleed then only the outer layer (epidermis) of the sking has been injured. So they will heal without a scar at all. Please deal with the original problem that made you do that.

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    I just did the same thing yesterday. it didn't really hurt i just felt bad after it. i took a shower cleaned the wounds. red went away. but this morning i have the yellow and pink. i went out side not to long ago and fell on the steps so it looked like i scratched it their. my mom saw it,didn't say anything just asked if i was OK (b/c from what she knew i fell)

    BTW. i cleaned and opened the wounds b4 i "fell"

    Source(s): ...My crappy ass life...... Hope it helped...
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