Hey! New song help :)?

Okay so I want to add some new music to my ipod and I need help finding some new ones.

I like a lot of different types of music but not really country or anything too old. I mostly like hip-hop/pop (new stuff like hit list stuff) and alternative. I also like some rap. So I would like any song suggestions.

P.S- I like a lot of music that you can dance to.. but im also fine with some slower stuff. Good remixes would also be great.

P.P.S- Also new songs that not a lot of people have heard yet would be cool :)

Thanx everyone that helps :) I will choose a best answer if you give me a lot of good suggestions!

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    1 decade ago
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    Walk with me - J. Randall

    Better On The Otherside (MJ Tribute) - Usher, Chris Brown, Boyz 2 Men, Etc.

    Shine For Me - Chris Brown

    Replay - J.R. Rotem

    Go Go Go - Kay L

    More than Friends - Mario

    Hope I Helped

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  • 1 decade ago

    all the above by maino

    knock you down by keri hilson

    my president by young jeezy

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