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    第二季第6集接近片尾(小小殺人犯Jeffrey Charles坐上警車被帶走的畫面)的歌曲是以下這首

    歌名:Blue Light of the Flame

    演唱者:Dar Williams

    收錄專輯:My Better Self



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    How did we lose this great wrath

    Everything burns in our path

    The balance we broke

    Left us running through smoke

    You're at the blue light of the flame

    As the earth melts at the poles

    I race to man the controls

    And I work harder, fiercer and smarter

    You are at the blue light of the flame

    So this is where it all ends

    With the flowers by your bed

    And your friends come to you

    As the light turns to dark

    But the light shines through

    Yes when the hurricanes came

    We were the gods that we blamed

    We have orange red fire

    We fear our desire

    You kneel at the blue light of the flame

    Happy on rescue

    Somebody let you

    Look into the blue light of the flame

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