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    Create a link using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

    Security Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is an older technology that is not secure. If possible, use a more secure alternative to DDE, such as object linking and embedding (OLE).

    The program that contains the data you want to link to must support Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). To determine whether your program supports DDE or to learn the DDE name and topic information for the program, contact the software vendor of the program. For more information about DDE, see the Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit.

    How to obtain the Office 2003 Resource Kit

    The Office 2003 Resource Kit is the definitive guide to installing, configuring, and supporting Microsoft Office in your organization. Designed for system administrators, consultants, and power users, this guide offers complete coverage whether you're running Microsoft Office on Windows or the Macintosh.

    You can obtain the Office 2003 Resource Kit wherever computer books are sold, or order direct from Microsoft Press, or online at the Office 2003 Resource Kit Web site.

    To locate your nearest source for Microsoft Press products worldwide, visit the Microsoft Press Web site.

    Select the cell you want to link from.

    Enter a formula using the following syntax: application name; document name or topic; and cell range, value, field, or data that's referred to.

    The following example shows the parts of a remote reference formula and the required separator characters:

    A pipe character (|) separates the program name from the document or topic name. An exclamation point (!) separates the document or topic name from the cell range, value, field, or data referred to.

    Press ENTER.

    Note If the name of the application, document, topic, or data item contains spaces or characters such as colons (:) or minus signs (–) that have special uses in a formula, or if a name resembles a cell reference, enclose the name in single quotation marks.

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