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Java J2EE Complete Video Training Bundle?

i write and i'm currently learning c#. i was thinking about learning java as well sometime in the future and i downloaded this torrent that was almost 6gbs called the java j2ee bla bla bla. anyways this is it here ( which turns out to be $799 so it must be good. but its not like the other torrents i download for and C# which is just some ebooks and some videos. this is a whole program and everything. haven't installed it yet cause i was wondering if this was the right thing or not. so what exactly is this?


i didn't buy it. notice i said i downloaded it via torrent.

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    i think its right.

    Tell me what was the method of payment u used for the download.I visited the site and don't quite understand it and how to get the resource.

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    Java Training Torrent

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