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The Irish Hand Grenade/marcus davis?

has marcus davis ever held or had a chance at the welterweight belt or any other belt. I mean he is 21-6 so i assume he has had a shot. But who against and what was the outcome.

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    he did not get ko'd in his last fight against dan hardy...it was a pretty controversial decision in favor of Hardy...

    I think the reason for him not getting a shot at the title in his career thus far, is for simply his record...

    he seems to go on a good win streak of 3 or 4 wins, then he loses a match...streaky...unfortunately won't get you a title shot...

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  • JSatt
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    He's 8-2 in the UFC, but hasn't really beat any top contenders in the WW divisions. He fought Mike Swick and lost about a year ago, and that's really the only fight he's had against a top WW in the UFC. All of his other fights (totaling a 13-4 record) were in a variety of smaller shows.

    Record alone isn't enough to get a fighter a title shot. He's also has to beat a couple of top contenders to get into the title picture.

  • Hombre
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    No he's never gotten a title shot. He's seen as more of a gatekeeper than a contender. And he lost his last fight by a close decision not a knockout.

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    "The Plastic Paddy" just cannot break into the top five.

    Too many holes in his game, unbelievable chin though.

    I have him at 16-5, no titles.

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    hes a pretty good fighter, but hes never got a chance at the tittle. i think he got knocked out in his last fight so, yeah there ya go

  • Anonymous
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    he's not a top contender and hasnt really fought any

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