What are the saddest country songs youve ever heard?

a couple of mine are.....Lightning- Eric Church

Old Shep- Elvis

Angel Wings- Ashton Shepherd

Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisley, Allison Krauss

..............and explain why its sad....old shep is sad cause a boy has to shoot his own dog cause its old and sick....in lightning he is on death row sittin in an electric chair gettin ready to die....angel wings is about a little girl about to die askin the doctor if angel wings are small enough for her....and yall know why whiskey lullaby is sad

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    waitin on joe - his brother is always late for everything and he starts getting irratated waiting on him for their new job.. then hears sirens and finds out his brother tried to beat the morning train so he wouldn't be late again but didn't make it

    just one - lisa shaffer - an only child is killed due to a drunk driver

    what hurts the most - the song implies a "what could've been" theme, while the tear jerker video shows a high school girl trying to cope with the recent death of her boyfriend

    beaches of cheyenne- garth brooks - a rodeo man and his wife get in an argument about him riding in the rodeo, so she tells him she doesn't give a damn if he never comes back from cheyenne..he draws an impossible bull and dies during the ride..when she found out she lost her mind and ran out into the water and drowned..they say you can see her ghost walking the beaches of cheyenne

    want to - sugarland - unrequited love gets me every time

    when whoever's in new england's through with you - reba mcentire - she loves her husband so much she's waiting his affair out, saying he'll always have a home to come back to

    whiskey lullabye - brad paisley & allison krauss - ('nuff said, but it's worth going on) the wife cheats on him, so he becomes an alcoholic and it eventually kills him...she can't get over what she's done to him so she becomes an alcoholic and it kills her also

    travelin soldier - dixie chicks - high school girl and lonely soldier meet right before he leaves to go to war, fall in love while exchanging letters and he dies in the war

    he stopped loving her today - george jones - ('nuff said, but i'll ellaborate for newer listeners) the man is still deeply in love with his ex, he told he'll love her til he dies..spends his whole life obsessing about her..then the song says he stopped loving her today, and it's because he died

    the little girl - john michael montgomery - child abuse and Jesus's faithfulness

    alyssa lies - jason michael carroll - child abuse leading to death

    all that glitters is not gold - dan seals - a single father's struggles raising his daughter and seeing his ex who left them's career taking off as a rodeo star

    just to see you smile - tim mcgraw - again, i'm a sucker for unrequited love..this one's at the pitiful point, you just want to jump in the radio and give him a hug

    don't take the girl - tim mcgraw - his wife may not make it through delivery of their baby and he prays to God "please don't take the girl."

    tough - craig morgan - his wife's strength as she deals with breast cancer

    almost home - craig morgan - homeless man was deep in a dream about his youth, as the singer wakes him up, worried about him, the man is sad because his dream was cut short because he was almost home

    skin - rascal flatts - a young girl's diagnosis with cancer, she loses her hair and is worried about going to the prom bald, her date picks her up and has shaved his head bald also

    stay - sugarland - the husband's mistress struggles with him going back and forth between her and his wife and eventually pulls herself together, breaking up with him

    somebody's hero - jamie o'neal - this one is personal to me, but it's about a mother/daughter relationship starting when the girl is young and her mother is her hero, and ending when the mother is old an in a nursing home and now her daughter is her hero - reminds me of my mama and grandma..my mama never left her side in that nursing home til my grandma died

    baby's gotten good at goodbye - george strait - his woman has tried leaving him many times, but always is crying while she leaves and always comes back..but this time she's left him and didn't cry and he's worried she won't return this time...another personal one to me, i was in an abusive relationship and this song tells my story word for word, except it doesn't give details why she's leaving

    smoky mountain rain - ronnie milsap - just a beautiful song, melody and lyrics about a man returning hom after his attempt at fame and his wife is no longer there...it's a desperate attempt at finding her

    you're gone - diamond rio - i don't understand the underlying meaning of this song, but to me it reminds me of someone with an addiction that his woman helped him through, but now she's gone..it also makes me think of how i'd feel if my husband died "the good news is i'm better for the time we spent together, but the bad news is you're gone."

    probably wouldn't be this way - leann rimes - a young widow's lament to her late husband about how hard it is without him (a personal fave)

    i can still make cheyenne - george strait - a rodeo man is never home with his wife, and she finally tells him not to come home, she's found somebody new..the chilling part is it doesn't seem to affect him like it should, he's still putting the rodeo first

    tell me i was dreaming - travis tritt - not just a breakup, but losing the love of your life..and the video puts an even more heartbreaking

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    Concrete Angels- Martina McBride

    Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisley, Allison Kraus

    Allyssa Lies- Jason Michael Carol

    Just a Dream- Carrie Underwood

    Travelin Soldier- Dixie Chicks

    Probably Wouldn't Be This Way- LeAnn Rimes

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    You Can Let Go - Crystal Shawanda

    What Do I Have To Do - Crystal Shawanda

    I Miss My Friend - Daryl Worley

    More Than A Memory - Garth Brooks

    White Horse - Taylor Swift

    Sissy's Song - Alan Jackson

    He Get's That From Me - Reba McEntire

    The Dance - Garth Brooks

    Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood

    Trying To Stop Your Leaving - Dierks Bentley

    Do You Believe Me Now - Jimmy Wayne

    Stay - Sugarland

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    Joe Nichols - I'll Wait For You

    A husband travels with his job & his wife is sick. She always seems to be telling him that. she'll wait for him. This time she couldn't, but she will be waiting for him in heaven.

    Carrie Underwood - Just a Dream

    About a young couple who marry just before the husband has to go off to war & his life is cut short..

    Mark Wills - Wish You Were Here

    A husband leaves on a trip & tells his wife he will talk to her tonight. Instead she gets word that his plane went down..

    Kathy Mattea - Where've You Been

    Claire & Edwin found the mate of their dreams & after many years together the mind isn't what it used to be... They both end up in the hospital on separate floors & Claire knows no one until she sees Edwin.

    Tim McGraw - If You're Reading This

    A soldier writing home to say what's in his heart, because he won't make it home.

    Blake Shelton - The Baby

    The youngest child of a family is rushing home to be with his mother as she takes her last breath.

    Alan Jackson - Monday Morning Church

    A man's wife has passed & now his belief is God is faltering..

    Craig Morgan - Tough

    A wife has cancer & her husband watches her as she goes through it. A very strong woman...

    Jamey Johnson - The Dollar

    A little boy doesn't understand why he can't spend more time with his daddy & tries to buy him with a dollar...

    Kellie Coffey - I Would Die For That

    A woman who wants so bad to have a child & she can't conceive. Yet a friend makes the choice to not have a child.

    Mark Chesnutt - She Was

    The life of a woman as she goes from a young girl, to a wife & then a mama... At the end, her child is holding her hand asking her if she's ready to say good bye..

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    I Believe~Diamond Rio

    A Husband And Wife

    Was In A Car Reck

    And She Died And

    The Death Angel

    Took Her To Heaven

    And Now Her Husband Alone


    If I Had Only Know~Reba Mcentire

    Her Boyfriend Died And She

    Justs Like To Be With Him Again

    If I Had Only Know It Was Our Last

    Night In The Rain I Keep You Out

    For Hours In The Storm I Would

    Hold Ur Hand Like A Life Line

    To My Heart Under Neaith

    Shelter We Be Warm If I Had

    Only Know I Never See Ur Face



    Dont Tell Me I Was Dreaming

    I'ts About His Wife She With

    Child On A Boat Washing It

    And She Slip And Fall's And

    Dies Two Other Songs Are

    With It Anymore & If I Lost You~

    Travis Tritt)


    Who'd You Be Today~Kenny Chesney

    I'ts About A Young Guy That Dies

    And What His Misses Out On

    Who His Wife Was Going To

    Be Or What Was He Going To

    Name His Baby's

  • 5 years ago

    The saddest song ive ever heard i: Whats It Gonna Take - By Ronnie McDowell. It's old, But it still happens in the world today.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll

    The Little Girl by John Michael Montgomery

    Concrete Angels by Martina McBride

  • 1 decade ago

    Not Supposed to Love You Anymore--Bryan White

    Heather's Wall--Ty Herndon

    Everywhere--Tim McGraw

    I Guess Some Things Never Change--Tim McGraw

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    Arlington - Trace Adkins : it's about a soldier being laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary.

    Travelling Soldier - Dixie Chicks : about a young girl that falls in love with a soldier before he heads off to war, and finds out shortly after that he's been killed.

    Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley + Allison Krauss : it's pretty self explanitory..

    Letters From Home - John Michael Montgomery : about a boy that runs on the letters he gets from home while he's at war.

    8th of November - Big & Rich : it's about a guy that was 19 when he fought in vietnam and wtinessed hundreds of his brothers killed.

    ..songs about soldiers and war always get me :(

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