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how to spot a 4x4,awd,2wd suv?

i just wondering. how can u know if the suv is 4x4 , awd or 2wd? sometimes it doesn't say. so how do i know? other people when they look at the car. the know. but how do i know? (when they don't say on the back) cause i don't want to off road use on a 2wd suv. last time we rent a 2wd suv and it got stuck. we didn't even know is 2wd! so please tell me how to found out if the car is 2wd or awd or 4x4

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    4x4 SUV have a lever or switch on the dash to select 2wd to 4wd. It is noted like a 4 HI or 4 LO. This is the true four wheel drive to go off road. AWD & 2WD does not have any switches or levers. The only way to tell is if you are mechanically talented to see under the vehicle if it has a power going to all four wheel. Usually front wheel drive vehicles will not have anything linking to turn the rear wheels. If it is rear wheel drive, it is the same for the front.

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