According to Jon Heyman of SI.Com Mets refuse trade offer for Halladay. Good or bad move by the Mets?->?

This is the story from the SI>Com site->

Jays' asking price for Halladay too steep for Mets





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Jon Heyman

Toronto's request of the Mets for star pitcher Roy Halladay was for top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez, young pitchers Bobby Parnell and Jon Niese and shortstop prospect Ruben Tejada, sources tell

The Mets responded with a resounding no.

The Mets don't appear to be in the middle of talks now, after hearing what it will take. Mets people have made clear that they have no intention of "mortgaging their future,'' certainly not with the team nine games out in the NL East. There's also no guarantee Halladay would accept a trade to the Mets now, as he has said he wants to take a chance on winning. At this point, the Mets would appear to be a small chance at winning, probably not much more than the Jays.

At the very least, the four-player package provides the best glimpse at what Toronto seeks in return for arguably baseball's best pitcher.

Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi called the likelihood of a trade for Halladay "50-50'' in an interview over the weekend.


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    You asked this question for me scooter? Aww, you're so sweet jk

    I didn't think it would a good move on the Mets behalf. Were more than likely not going to make the playoffs this year, so maybe we can trade those pieces in the offseason. If we really want to stick it to the Phillies, we could have done it, but it wouldn't have been that smart. Just think of that though, Johan Santana & Roy Halladay in the same rotation : o

    That would be unstoppable...

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    hey Scooter.

    I've answered this question a few times tonight, but since its you I'll do it again.... I'm getting good at it.

    It was a very smart move to turn the deal down.

    Riccardi is the one painted into a corner and has to unload talent for prospects... so don't take his first offer, make him have to take less because he is the desperate one.

    The Mets don't really have a deep farm system anyway.

    The Mets have a lot of injuries and can't afford to lose whatever prsopects they have now to savage whatever they can form the season.

    The Mets were taken in the Madoff scandal and aren't destitute but aren't in excellent financial standing.

    The Mets are gonna need to find themselves some free agents to plug some holes they have with aging players like Delgado.

    The Mets have now set the price for Halladay below 4 prospects... Halladay is going for sure... those weren't excellent prospects.

    Riccardi is a complete idiot... on the real. I'm pretty sure teh Red Sox have made an offer over the weekend... it was prolly low ball and Riccardi didn't like it... and you'd figure that he has talked to the Phillies who also low balled him before settling on making this offer to the Mets... it seems everyone got together and was on the same page... 4 prospects for a 32 year old pitcher with one and a half years on his contract which will surely be bought by the Yankees in 2011 is too much.

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    Good move by the Mets. To start with, Halladay isn't going to solve all the problems they need solved in order to get back on track. The way things are going for them right now and with the way things have gone the last couple years, they should probably be sellers and not buyers. They're going to need Martinez after next year and they certainly need to keep as much pitching as they can in their ranks also. Not to mention that they may trade all those guys and not be able to sign Halladay after next season. Thats a hefty price to pay for a guy that may be gone in a year and a half. Even if they can re-sign Halladay for 2011, thats going to be a contract worth over $100 mil.

    I don't see anybody landing Halladay in a trade this year. Maybe as a rental next season, but not this year.

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    I would have made the trade even if they are out of it. Next year Santana and Halladay along with a healthy mets line up would be great for the mets. Plus it would keep him from going to the Phillies.

    I think the Yankees should trade for him. Give up whatever young talent the blue jays want. Then they can move Chamberlain back to the bull pen and have a great pitching staff. Plus the position players in the yankees farm system wont get to play. The Yankees just sign high priced free agents every year.

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    It's a very smart move by the Mets. Their season is basically a lost hope already. Why overpay for a pitcher who only has one year left, and trade away 3 of your top prospects? The Mets made a good move

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    1 decade ago

    I think it would have been a good move for the Mets, why wouldn't anyone want him in the same rotation as Johann, but I doubt if that trade would've ever been made.

    Why? Because I believe that the Blue Jays could get more for him.

    I really don't buy that any such trade was ever proposed.

    Source(s): Mets' fan..
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    Pretty smart, no one player will lead the Mets with the hole they are in. If they had there starts not injured, it could be a smart move to make a play off run but with injured stars, there is no point to have him for 1 year where he will make them contenteders. His contract is too much for them too. Giving up there Top Prospects, just isn't there for them. I will say that for now, it is a good move to decline.

  • Lou
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    I'm never in favor of trading prospects for a player that could walk after next season.

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    Only time will tell. I think he's gonna be a free agent in 2010 so who knows if it would work out. I would have taken him if I was the mets would have given me hope lol

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    According to Keith Law at ESPN multiple sources state that this offer never happened.

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