Excluding indoor chemical spraying, is there another solution to eradicate insects inside homes?

Protecting your home from insect infestations is a challenge. It’s tricky to terminate indoor insects without using household insecticides that may harm humans and pets. What safe method of indoor pest control works for you?

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    Clean, clean, clean and then use boric acid powder. You can buy a container of it at Walmart for instance with a pointed nozzle that makes it easy to spread and apply into tight places, such as wall voids, corners and cracks.. Sprinkle it under and around appliances, in corners of cabinets and remove all wall switch plates and squirt it into the void areas of the walls where roaches and most insects live and hide.

    PS ... don't forget to remove and clean your drip/drain pan under the fridge (bottom rear). Sprinkle lots of boric acid in the pan once you have emptied and cleaned it.

    Source(s): Prevoius pest control tech.
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    Glue traps for mice help control roaches. They're pre-baited, non-toxic, and there is no odor (unless you get the ones that contain anesthetic). Even with small children, you can keep them in some problem areas like under the stove, refrigerator, and sinks.

    I keep a spray bottle of Windex, diluted dish soap, or even hand soap around in case I see a roach or ants. I prefer spraying over smashing. It works fast; roaches are dead within 30 seconds or so if you hit them right. (It apparently clogs their spiracles and suffocates them.) You just have to be quick or accurate because they run like mad after the first hit.

    Comet cleanser is supposed to form a barrier that ants will not cross, but I'm thinking that could be about as toxic as indoor chemical spraying.

    Someone mentioned using chalk. Keep in mind that chalk can contain lead, which is not safe in any amount for children or pregnant women, whether ingested or inhaled. And because it is stored in bone, lead may pose a hazard for future children that an exposed female may conceive down the road.

    There are many great suggestions here; I've learned a lot!

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    I read yesterday that 409 kills insects... also there are different herbs you can plant around your home to keep pest away... I don't know them right off hand, but you could do an online search and find many sources I'm sure. I know to keep fleas off pets you can use tea tree and lavender oil. One cup water with 5 drops of each oil ... put in spray bottle, shake and spray your pet before it goes outside, once or twice a week should be enough if your pet stays indoors all the time. I have 3 cats and this mix works very well and smells good too!

    Source(s): various books on herbs and spices
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    Once I watched this program on Animal Planet, or maybe the Discovery Channel. The thing is that this entomologist kept his house bug free by having insects do the job. He even used some kind of snail to clean the grout between the shower tiles and said they did a much better job than any man made cleaner. Of course you had to become used to the idea of having them there with you all the time and you would also have to get used to seeing them all over your house. The thing was knowing the good from the bad. His family was also well used to them. If you don't like bugs this might not be a viable option for you.

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    For a silverfish infestation, so far nothing has worked, including monthly spraying by an exterminator. They live in the walls of the apartment building, each the drywall, and enter where they wish. At best, the spraying temporarily discourages them for about two weeks. I suck them off the walls using a hand vacuum, because they leave an irremovable stain if you swat them.

    Oh, and those electronic pest controllers that claim to get rid of pests via ultrasonic noise or electromagnetic fields or generating ions don't work, I certainly hope Spectracide isn't getting into that area.

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    I use my shop vac to diminish the population of spiders. The spiders kill many other bugs in my house. I do not have screen doors in my house and I leave my doors open to let fresh air in.

    I live next door to a horse arena. So I have a lot of flies. I let the flies in during the day because my doors are open, and before sundown, all the flies go back outside where it is lighter. My house is shaded by trees so it get darker. Flies like the light.

    I have killed a mouse before with my foot. My heart beat really fast when I realized I had just killed an animal. Killing a fly is one thing, killing a mouse is another.

    I have lived in this house for almost 11 years. Here and there, I have tiny aunts around my kitchen sink and my bathroom sink as well. These aunts only eat certain human food and motivate me to keep my kitchen clean.

    I have had many birds in my house. My doors are open. I had to put CDs on most of my windows because too many birds crash on my windows. When the young hawk broke its neck on my kitchen window and died on my patio, I had to put more CDs on that window.

    I use citronella in my house to get rid of mosquitos. It works. I have 2 bathouses around my house so they can eat all the mosquitos they want.

    I have had 2 dragonflies, on 2 different occasions, enter my living room. The blue dragonfly came straight to my computer and realized I was staring at it and it immediately found the door and got out as fast as it could. The second dragonfly was green. This one took half an hour to found the door. In this case, patience is what I used to get rid of the green dragonfly.

    I like it when a butterfly hovers above my computer screen.

    I am surrounded by 42 acres of a forest full of wild animals and bugs. I am currently growing tree frogs. I discovered that when the tadpoles has arms and legs and become a frog, it eats its own tale and learn to jump.

    I wonder if a frog will venture into my living room one day.

    Caroline from Seattle

    btw Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

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    Its really a lost cause, you can keep you home clean and tidy but you will always have insects enter your home at some point because there are to many entry points for them to enter.

    Especially when its starts getting cold.

    I have a pet Geko that is free range in my house he keeps them under control for me.

    But if you are talking about Ants or Termites, best get a Professional it to eradicate them as they can do serious damage to your home so the quicker you act the better.

    By the way don't kill spiders as they help control the insect population.

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    I have learned a trick that works well for indoor critters. Using a vacuum on reverse, or a small leaf blower, I go into the attic, wearing a protective mask and goggles, and blow powdered boric acid (borax) all over the attic, focusing my heavier areas where the water is for the kitchen, bath etc.. This definitely decreases roaches, and continues over time to settle into walls, and insulation, thus working for greater periods of time. Especially if you can locate over 90% boric acid from hardware stores.

    Of Note: Many answers mention diatomaceous earth as being non-toxic to humans. THAT IS INCORRECT! The stuff is a carginogen when breathed in even in minute quantities!

    Source(s): My father taught me this many years ago, and it is a cheap solution that works.
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    Try Essential OIl of Tea Tree. I am a staunch believer in Essential Oil of Tea Tree. It only kills if sprayed directly on the insect but it will not hurt children or animals. I am in big demand during The Summer months with my grandchildren, great granddaughters and my children come to me for a T T S. A Tea Tree Spray. I put 10 drops of Essential OIl of Tea Tree in a 16 oz. spray bottle. I have the children cover their eyes with their hands and I spray them all over from heat to foot. Same for the dog. Inside, I spray in closets, dark places and on my front and back porch. Being oil it stays for a while. Insects do not like it. You have nothing to loose. Check it out online.

    Source(s): Knowledge of Essential OIls.
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    For smaller insects, I have found that air freshener or disinfectant spray works very well. Mosquitos and moths fall almost instantly and a 5 second spray will usually kill them. It works to a lesser extend on flies and centipedes. A little slows them down but it takes a lot to kill them. Anything bigger would probably take so much that it's usually not worth trying unless it can't fly away.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    I live in a heavily wooded area inviting insects..I have been using "Catchmasters" 5x7 plastic bottomed gluey surface that captures crawling insects every corner of my living areas. No odor or chemicals, just a pretty powerful sticky surface provides a natural insect's last stop.

    If you have small children, not a good alternative bug trap.


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