How do I get in other golfer's heads during a match/tournament?

A friend of mine and I are playing in a team tournament and we're going to screw with the other golfers in the group really bad. We're trying to win, but having fun is a must in a team tournament. Any and all answers/ suggestions will help.
Update: Apparently, all of you dickheads that are taking this question too seriously need to calm down. As I mentioned, which you OBVIOUSLY didn't read, this is for one team tournament. It is for FUN. Read the question before you answer next time idiots.
Update 2: And to peejon: I live in the 21st century, yes, thank you for introducing me to that fact. I hope you do too. Very well, "mate".
Update 3: Leafsfan: I never said anything about cheating, water, or oil. I don't know where you're coming up with this crap.
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