Does any one know this ventriloquist's name?

this guy had a potted plant named phil o'dendron ( it was irish...) and a mexican that lived in his guitar and never came out if u have any info plz post!

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    You might be thinking of Madd Frank. He was a local TV show celebrity in a few markets would would be the host of some low grade horror movies.

    According to a web site I found, there was some information on a character on the show named Phil O'Dendron, who took an interest in dead house plants. Here's what I found:

    I happen to know a lot about MADD FRANK. That's with two D's! Real name: Kent Kamron. Station owner of five or six small UHF stations (see corrections in following notes — E-gor). KVRR was the main location. He had two camera's for the show. The third was broken, or being repaired, or was on location, or was stolen, or was leased to another station, etc. There were only two cameras, but I loved the reasons why the third was never there! Miss Frizzy was the doll. George was the skull/candle he would light up at the beginning of every show! Harvey was always in his casket. The Madd Programmer was responsible for the movie, always an unknown or a bad movie. I am playing a tape of his show now! It's dated 1994. The movie is House of the Seven Corpses, not half-bad! The Madd Programmer must not have been feeling well that week! Ichy Bodd was from the medieval period. Billy Jabber would Jabber on and he always wore an old tank helmet from World War II. Dr. Phil O'dendron was always examining things like dead house plants, Madd Programmer's teeth, it depended on the movie being shown. Other films shown were Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Terror. Horror Express, etc. Most of the films were usually public domain films, or films he could legally broadcast. They even showed Gremlins at Christmas! The year before it was Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. KVRR was located in Fargo, North Dakota, my former childhood neighborhood! The basement was the studio's basement/dungeon! Little Shop of Horrors was shown and it even featured a cameo starring Madd Frank! Carrier Chicken delivered the fan mail. My biggest regret was not getting the Madd Frank poster when it was available.


    Some information above, according to this website, is inaccurate. You might want to check it out yourself:

    There are some clips on google videos:

    Hope that helps!

    That's the best I can find right now, but I have many ventriloquist friends and can ask around if you think I might be mistaken. It just sounds like something similar to what you were talking about.

  • 4 years ago

    Jay Johnson had a plant named Phil O'Dendron

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