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How many symphonies did Mozart write?

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    I'm afraid '41' is wrong. Mozart wrote around 50 symphonies. Some early ones have only been discovered relatively recently - while one or two were mistakenly attributed to him which were written by other composers. When Köchel put the original Mozart catalogue together only 41 numbered symphonies were listed. Curiously, Köchel listed several symphonies to which history never attached numbers. Of these numbered works, 'No 2' is actually a work by Johann Christian Bach, 'No 3' is by Carl Friedrich Abel and No 37 is a symphony by Michael Haydn (the 'famous' Haydn's younger brother), with only the slow introduction to the first movement being by Mozart. So, already the confusion is setting in - of the 41 numbered symphonies, Mozart only wrote 38 of them! Many early symphonies have, rather misleadingly, been given numbers after 41 (although this is not a universally-accepted practice). In chronological order (the original catalogue got quite a few in the wrong order!), Mozart's known EXTANT symphonies (I haven’t included ones which are lost) are as follows:

    Symphony No 1 K 16

    Symphony in A minor K Anh 220 (K 16a)

    Symphony No 4 in D major K 19

    Symphony in F major K 19a

    Symphony in C major K Anh 223 (K 19b)

    Symphony No 5 in B flat K 22

    Symphony in D major K 32

    Symphony in G major K 45a (two versions)

    Symphony No 6 in F major K 43

    Symphony No 7 in D major K 45

    Symphony No 8 in D major K 48

    Symphony No 9 in C major K 73

    Symphony in F major K 76 ('No 43')

    Symphony in B flat K 45b ('No 55')

    Symphony in D major K 81 ('No 44')

    Symphony in D major K 97 ('No 47')

    Symphony in D major K 95 ('No 45')

    Symphony No 11 in D major K 84

    Symphony in D major K 111a

    Symphony No 10 in G major K 74

    Symphony in B flat K Anh 216 (C11.03)('No 54')

    Symphony in F major K 75 ('No 42')

    Symphony in D major K 74a

    Symphony No 12 in G major K 110

    Symphony in D major K 120 ('No 48')

    Symphony in C major K 96/111b ('No 46')

    Symphony No 13 in F major K 112

    Symphony No 14 in A major K 114

    Symphony No 15 in G major K 124

    Symphony No 16 in C major K 128

    Symphony No 17 in G major K 129

    Symphony No 18 in F major K 130

    Symphony No 19 in E flat K 132

    Symphony in D major K 167a

    Symphony No 20 in D major K 133

    Symphony No 21 in A major K 134

    Symphony in D major K 135

    Symphony in D major K 161/163 ('No 50')

    Symphony No 26 in E flat K 184

    Symphony No 27 in G major K 199

    Symphony No 22 in C major K 162

    Symphony No 23 in D major K 181

    Symphony No 24 in B flat K 182

    Symphony No 25 in G minor K 183

    Symphony No 29 in A major K 201

    Symphony No 30 in D major K 202

    Symphony No 28 in C major K 200

    Symphony in D major K 121/196 ('No 51')

    Symphony No 31 in D major K 297 (Paris)

    Symphony in C major K 208 ('No 52')

    Symphony No 32 in G major K 318

    Symphony No 33 in B flat K 319

    Symphony No 34 in C major K 338

    Symphony No 35 in D major K 385 (Haffner)

    Symphony No 36 in C major K 425 (Linz)

    Symphony No 38 in D major K 504 (Prague)

    Symphony No 39 in E flat K 543

    Symphony No 40 in G minor K 550

    Symphony No 41 in C major K 551 (Jupiter)

    Curiously, there is no Symphony 'No 49' or 'No 53'!

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    How many symphonies did Mozart write?

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    Several Mozart symphonies on your list are still considered doubtful. The real number will probably be hidden forever. I would estimate the number to be above 47. Haydn`s number is has also grown to over 107.

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    The only work that Mozart composed that is likely influenced by the death of Leopold Mozart is the opera "Don Giovanni" which, it has been suggested, derives some of its dark features from Mozart's sorrow and grief at the loss of his father. He composed no sympnhonies in the year of his fathers death.

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    Are your other 95 hidden question all homework requests, too? We are here to HELP people with things that can only be addressed by educated and experienced people. Want homework answers? There are sites for that - and there is always Google, Wiki, etc.

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    I hope 41 is one of the multiple guess options on your exam =)

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    He wrote 41. Here is the complete list:

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