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Nike SQ Sumo 2 5900 Driver?

here's the deal... im 16 years old. 5ft 9in 125 lbs and have been playing golf for a few months with lessons. im not trying to go out for the team or anything, just taking up a fun game for life. My best 9 hole score is 54 from the blue tees on a 71.1 rating and 129 slope. I didnt use a driver at all cuz i dont have one. I avg a 3 wood maybe 200 but my farthest 2 have been 220 and 230. But i wanted a driver to hit it farther and straight. I'm not an expert golfer who cares about "shaping the ball" and hitting all diff shots... if i tried to shape the ball id probably hit it terrible if at all, so I just aim to hit it straight. So I heard that the Nike SQ Sumo 2 5900 driver (the square one) is a good game improvement driver that hits straight. Is that true? I cant hit a draw or fade on purpose, so I just want straight and far. Will this driver give me those?I dont need a driver that can hit all diff draws and fades as I am not good enough to make the club do that. Answers from ppl who have used this on a course are encouraged.

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    I own the club, in fact, I played with it today. I love the thing so much, worth every penny of the 150 I spent on it. I hit this driver much straighter than any other driver I have ever had. I tried out this one and the 5000 in the store and chose the square one because I liked how it felt coming off the club a little more. Mine is a 9.5 loft with regular shaft. You should have your club speed checked out to see what sort of shaft you need, if your looking for a lot of distance you may want a slightly higher loft, 10.5 is probably the most common, I hit the 9.5 pretty high though and hit this club 275-300 pretty consistently. I really recommend it. It should get you into the high 40's if you play a pretty long course.

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    That is a sweet club. I used it in a rental set when I played the Wailea Blue course on Maui. The nike does go very far and straight if you make solid contact with the ball. It also has decent ball flight that is neither too penetrating or too lofty. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend demoing the club before you purchase it because the oversized shape of the driver head can be somewhat distracting at first and the sound of the drive at impact is very loud and undesirable. Personally I would recommend the club because I almost purchased one when I returned home. The most important thing is trying it out for yourself to see if it fits your game.


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    In general, square-headed drivers do hit straighter than "regular" driver because of the larger MOI (moment of inertia). Also, the sweet spot is larger in these drivers. Besides companies that already make square-headed drivers, the companies are trying to make drivers that are flatter, but longer (in width) so that it is easier to hit, but doesn't have the square look. Personally, I am okay with the square head. In terms of the Nike SQ 5900, I don't really like it because I don't think it gives you good shot feedback. I have demoed a lot of drivers... My favorite, though, is also a square headed driver. It is the Callaway FT-iQ driver. I give the Taylormade R9 and the PING G10 honorable mentions...

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    I didn't hit the 5900, but I hit the original(the 5300). I hit it straight. If I didn't hit it straight, I hit it straight right or straight left. There's no slicing or hooking involved. That is typical of square drivers. If you slice or hook a square driver, something's very wrong with your swing.

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