Can the Bible prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that god exist?

Can the Bible prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that god exist if one had to argue the existence of god in a modern day COURT OF LAW? Open Question for Believers and Non-Believers

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    The Bible would not be admissible in a court of law.

    A BOOK is not evidence.

    Say you wrote a book that described gravity. That BOOK would not be evidence. The evidence that you used to prove the propositions you stated in the book is what matters.

    In a court of law, documents have to be verified. Say you have a transcript of a telephone conversation. Someone with authority - one of the people in the conversation, the phone company - someone who KNOWS would have to verify that the transcript was real and not something that a bunch of people made up.

    No one living can verify the Bible as the word of god. They can BELIEVE it is. But there is no scientific evidence to support this.

    I don't care what anyone else on this forum says. LEGALLY speaking, the Bible can prove nothing.

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    Are you actually saying that if the bible could be used in a court of law, you'd believe?! Are you actually saying that the test of whether something is true or not is how it stands up in a court of law?! You can't honestly believe that whatever is "proven" in a court of law is, in fact, true? You've never heard of the guilty getting off or the innocent being found guilty? C'mon! I thought you atheists were supposed to be smarter than that! Some of these questions are very disappointing in that regard.

    Now, in answer to the question, no, of course not! So what?

    I, as a Catholic, am willing to stop believing once you atheists prove without any question that God doesn't exist because you can't do that anymore than I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does.

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    Yes. If you try to believe then you will feel that exact same thing that the diciples felt. Some of the prophecies have come true. LIke the Jews will return to their homeland,and that disasters get worse as it gets closer to the time of jesus's return. Do you really believe that your great great great so on so on was a fish. And in the big bang theory that a thingy spun and then blew up and made all of the planets and the universe. If it was spinning wouldn't all of the planets be spinning in the same direction. If you have a merry-go-round with a couple of 3rd graders on there and you have a couple of football players spin them around CLOCKWISE as fast as they can, eventually the kids would fall off and wouldn't they all be spinning clockwise. That proves that the that theory is wrong. And people say they are all different stories. But their not. For instance my pastor. He's a pastor to me, a dad to his kids. Now if i wrote about him and his daughter wrote about him, they were different sides of him. That's like saying what the daughter wrote isn't true because i don't know him like that. God loves you. Here is a couple videos that you should try out, give them a chance, i ain't no jehovah witness. Scroll down until you see seminar 1 the age of the earth watch it.

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    As several English teachers have said to me, "You can not use a definition with the word you are trying to define in the definition." If you use a biased source that assumes there is a supreme being, you are already off the starting point and going in a different direction and will get nowhere.

    So, short answer, no.

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    In the Bible, the word "seek" can be used to substitute for the word "believe". One does not have to prove the existence of what they seek. the proof will come if and when they find it.

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    Of course not,

    Read a real book, not one edited by power hungry leaders

    do not forget that more than half of the original bible was burned by Romans because it did not follow the message of Christ they wanted

    I love what I have heard of the Book of Juda, it's more self-spiritual, almost Taoist.

    But we certainly can't prove he does not exist, he would just be one wierd dude, I mean why create a whole planet just to make them worship you, there is a word for that, self-grandeur or something.


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    First and foremost, the American court system should not be involved with religion. This would interfere with religion vs. state.

    I think it depends on how much faith you have.

    As being anti-religious, nothing could prove God exist unless I witness it for myself, but someone else may be shown a sign through a page of text.

    Religion is incredibly personal; it could be displayed, taught, and acted upon only by one's personal decisions.

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    Using reason and logic to "prove" anything that is highly subjective in nature doesn't work.

    In a court of law, "experts" are called to provide "witness" and it is not "beyond a reasonable doubt". They attest to the facts as they see them within the bounds of their field of expertise.

    The Bible, being a translated of copies of the originals could be proven to be nothing more than hearsay (thanks to no originals in existence).

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    I suspect the thumbs down are from those who actually believe that God (not man) wrote the Bible (probably the KJV) with his own finger...


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    Using the Bible to prove that God exists is akin to using the Lord of the Rings series to prove that hobbits exist.

    Outside of those pages, there is nothing even remotely close to proof that god exists.

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    Absolutely not. In fact, the Bible logically contradicts itself in its description of the character and abilities of the Christian "God." This makes the Christian "God" completely disprovable in any any court of law, modern or otherwise. Christians just don't understand basic logic.

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