anyone know the old western with or called SHIAN BODEE [incorrect spelling], HELP?

my dads into his old westerns from the 50s and 60s, ive started buying them in box sets off ebay which make him so happy!

he mentioned something like shian bodee, but i dont know the spekking, or even if thats the name of the show, i tried spelling it different ways and googled it but get nothing....

its pronounced shy anne bo dee ,,help please ill b soooooo happy!, thanks so much xxxxxxxx


myst moon thanks so much, best answer 4 u in , 4 hours time xxxxxxxxx

Update 2:

myst moon thanks so much, best answer 4 u in , 4 hours time xxxxxxxxx

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    Cheyenne (TV series)

    From IMDb:

    After the Civil war, adventurer Cheyenne Bodie (Clint Walker) roamed the west looking for fights, women and bad guys to beat up. His job changed from episode to episode. The show altered with other shows rather than appearing weekly.

    IMDb review:

    "Cheyenne" was the first TV Western produced by Warner Bros. and is the most fondly remembered of TV's "Golden Age of Westerns". It was the driving force behind this show that Warners produced four more Westerns after the success of "Cheyenne". ... It also brought out other Westerns, including James Garner as "Maverick", which premiered in 1957 and continued through 1962 (124 episodes). That same year, Will Hutchins starred as "Sugarfoot"(1957-61), which produced 61 episodes. In 1958 came Ty Hardin as "Bronco"(1958-62). ... Cheyenne" remained on ABC-TV for eight seasons, producing 108 episodes running from its debut in 1955 to the final episode of the series in 1963. Only "Maverick" became the second longest-running Western for the studio~a five-year run.

    Here's the opening credits:

    Youtube thumbnail

    As I recall, each Warner Bros. Western series had a theme song. My sister and I, for whom "Sugarfoot" was the favorite theme song, grew up loving these series! Some of them still hold up fairly well. Clint Walker... *sigh*

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