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Spiritually speaking: If I started my own religion, just how much money could I get?


@Godisinagoodmood: I wasn't aware that Richard Dawkins invented atheism. Thank you for informing me of this.....

Now I suggest reading this question again with your big boy reading comprehension skills.

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    Well, you'd get a discount on your Dominos Pizza deliveries..

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    Well, I know someone who is unfortunately involved in some nonsense new age cult about exploring the astral world through dreams and escaping this world of lower dimensions to go towards more refined planes of existence.

    I believe they charge about $50 a class, once or twice a week, plus the possibility of retreats.

    If you get 12 students, 1 1/2 times a week on average, that'll give you $900 a week right there, plus the retreats for the more "advanced" students... Of course, students will also be required to buy books and special equipment which only you can provide. You can easily get a 50% mark-up on those.

    You can make quite a good living. Not to mention you could apply to be a Church for tax purposes. Of course, if anybody asks, that's not why you're in it. You are way above such wordly matters. The money just keeps the groups going, so you can reach as many poor souls as you can. An enlightened being's work is never done.

    After a while, you may want to franchise yourself and become a great guru and take a cut from people who give the classes. The sky's the limit.

    Unfortunately, the world is teeming with people who are dissatisfied with the world and who are willing to believe any jerk that's bold enough to claim they have the answer.

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    How could you get it started? i could start up it with the help of looking somebody who buys into my message. Then i could attempt to get extra and get my followers to do the comparable. What could it relatively is like? we would in all probability take a seat around in a room, meditate, commune with spirits, take seers sage and different felony innovations changing goodness. Who could it cater to? those of transcendent minds... could you desire to be their god, or could you create yet another one? i think of the god may be the embodiment of hedonism. it can be a thought fairly than a personage. How numerous your folllowers funds could you're taking? adequate to maintain issues going, pay the charges, sock away for later. could you isolate them? the place? No, i want them to maintain their jobs and family contributors. What could your instructions be, and how could you're making your followers obey? Do even if do exactly not piss me off. Meditate. connect such as your bigger self. could there be a doomsday situation or something comparable? No way. it relatively is too depressing. Cults and religions are one interior the comparable.

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    Well that Bobby guy who started the FSM movement lives in the Philippians now.

    Is that a lot of money? Is it all from T-shirts? Is he just wealthy?

    I don't know... but I don't know what else he does.

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    Ask Richard Dawkins - he is making millions off of the Atheist Religion.

    Speaking of reading, perhaps you should try reading my answer. Where do I say he invented atheism? It is the religion you asked about and the Religion of Atheism is my response. Try again little boy.

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    You'd have to make up something that sounds like it makes sense, but doesn't mean you have to have a sense of morals.

    So teach that money is everything (especially when given to you)

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    L. Ron Hubbard died a millionaire. Of course, he was in hiding at the time of his death because he ruined so many people's lives, but he was a millionaire.

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    It depends how convincing you are. Cult leaders tend to make a lot of money.

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    im thinking quite a bit until you get busted for somthing .. then some cop will own your stuff ..possibly your woman to ..

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    L Ron Hubbard's casket is made of pure gold ... ask him

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