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tampon question! please help!?

Ok so I know I need to start using tampons but I am really scared. I am really worried about toxic shock syndrome and stuff like what if the string comes off and it is stuck in my vagina?? I'm also scared it will hurt or I will put it in the wrong way, and how do I know what absorbency because you can't exactly measure your flow. I know it can't be too bad because lots of people use them, I just can't get over these fears. Any advice on how to make it easier? please please help, i'm really very nervous =/

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    I suggest that you use pads for your first couple of months so you can determine if you are a heavy bleeder or not, afterwards you can then proceed on to using tampons. Dont worry all you have to remeber when you use tampons is to change them regulary. the string wont pop and it wont get stuck.

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    Dont worry about tOxic Shock is rare, although possible. You just need to practice healthy hygiene and switch your tampon when needed. DO NOT keep it in more than 7-8 hours. I wear one at give or take 8 hrs...I have been fine. When you first start using may be hard to get it in just right. Remember to relax your vaginal muscles completely, and push the tampon towards your lower back. It should be in all the way if there is less than 1.5 inches of string hanging out. Dont worry about it getting stuck...if the string did "go up" into the vagina, you'd be amazed how easy it can be to get something like that...but women go to the dr. everyday with issues with tampons, condoms and who-knows what stuck up there. I've been using tampons for 18 yrs...and never had a problem I couldn't fix ...hang in there sweetie, good luck!!!

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    Toxic shock syndrome is VERY rare. They just have to warn you because it happened to someone. The string is sewn in. It can't come out. And if it does, you can grab the tampon and pull it out yourself, or go to the hospital and they can do it. But that is really rare, as well. It only hurts if you take it out when it's dry, but that isn't very bad. Ask your mom or someone how to put it in if you still don't get it after reading the instructions that come with them. They are really easy to put in. And then you don't feel them. To figure out your flow, you could try a regular or a light one. If that one fills up too fast, try a greater absorbency. If that is still dry after a few hours, try a lighter one. It's just trial and error. It's not a big deal if you use the wrong absorbency. As long as you don't use a super plus on your light day, it won't be a big deal.

    There is nothing to be afraid of. Be sure to relax before you try to put them in.

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    start with regular or lights/juniors and if you find that they are totally saturated when you pull them at like 4 hours, increase the absorbency. my first year or two of wearing tampons, i only wore regulars. I think it's easier to use the ones like tampax pearl at first bc they are smooth and easier to use. Read the directions in the box, they say insert the barrel up to the grip. I never actually read that part and i always did it wrong and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it. This is kind of weird to say, but if you can't find the hole, use a Q-tip, that's what i did hahaha! either do it on tehe toilet or put one leg on the toilet seat as you try to figure it out!

    TSS- don't worry too much about it. just be careful to not wear the tampon more than 6-8 hrs. but i usually remove mine when i go to the bathroom, bc i've found that the tampon absorbs some urine sometimes and i think that's gross to keep in there.

    don't worry about it geting stuck. the strings are super strong and are made to be tugged.

    i wish i had yahoo answers when i was trying to figure this out, i wasted dozens of tampons! lol

    good luck, hon!

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