o0k one piece heads!! i need u. i am so confuzed!!!! Soo Ace is the son of gold roger. soo luffy is whoz son?

ok this is what I understand. Ace is and Luffy grew up together. Then they both went their separate ways in piracy. Ok thats a given. Now Luffy and Ace are said 2 be brothers. but it has been said tyme and tyme agian that Luffy's dad is monkey D. dragon...u noe tha guy with tha tattoos on his face..soo does this mean that Luffy and Ace are not real brothers??..or does it mean that Monkey D. Dragon is not Luffy’s real father, and that Gold D. Roger is Luffy’s father as well. Now hears my other guess...After Portgas D. Rouge (ace's mother) bore ace and died, Gold D. Roger gave Garp his son and told Garp 2 raise him. But at the same tyme Garp started taking care or his own grandson, Luffy. So Luffy and Ace grew up that way. And quote "became brothers"...ok. but wait... What is the relationship between Garp and Roger. Are they brothers. Why would Roger a Pirate King, ask Garp a umm vice admeral.. i think.. to watch and look after his son? The only thing I can think of is because Roger and Garp are brothers. Now that makes sence. But why do they all have the D. in their names...u noe..Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, Gold D. Roger, Monkey D. Dragon,...ect.what is the Will of D!!! i dont understand. Someone explain it 2 me!!! Then if they all have it because they are all related…that means that Roger had a son with a relative..But yea this was a mouthful haha someone who reads tha manga and watches tha tv show help me 2 ease my mind.. hahaha

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    Monkey D. Luffy

    Ace and his brother, Luffy, are very close. Ace tends to portray a typical good-big-brother behavior, such as asking the crew to keep an eye on his little brother. He also ensured Luffy had a way of meeting up with him by giving him a Biblicard. They respect each other's choices despite how different they are and understand that the other is very strong, so they can usually take care of themselves. Luffy believes that if he grew worried about him and rushed to help, Ace's ego wouldn't allow it, so he initially left him. However, when he learned he was captured and due for execution, Luffy, when he finally had a ship to leave Amazon Lily, regretfully decided to save Ace instead of reuniting with his nakama upon seeing the Biblicard burnt to a tenth of its original size. Even though they are loving brothers, Luffy often makes Ace angry and worried by doing something reckless. One example was when Boa Hancock visited Ace's cell and told him that Luffy broke into the prison. Even near his death, Ace grew angry with Luffy's reckless infiltration into Impel Down. It was revealed at Ace's execution that Ace actually is Gol D. Roger's son, not Monkey D. Dragon's as previously assumed, and that he was taken in by Garp. This makes Ace and Luffy brothers only through adoption - but brothers nonetheless - and it's unknown whether Luffy is aware of this or not.

    Portgas D. Rouge

    Rouge is Ace's mother, who carried him in her womb for 20 months in order to protect the innocent child from the clutches of the World Government. Ace was born one year and three months after Roger's death, therefore Rouge was five months pregnant when she resorted to some unknown method (assumed by Marines to be sheer willpower) to postpone birth.

    Gol D. Roger

    It has recently been revealed that Ace's father is the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, contrary to the previous belief that his father was Monkey D. Dragon.

    Because Roger died before he was even born, Ace feels that he doesn't owe him anything, which is why he prefers the name of his mother, who died protecting him.

    From the look on Garp's and Ace's faces at the revelation, it is clear that the two of them both knew who Ace's true father was. It is unknown, however, if Luffy knows this, and what changes this could make with his feelings towards Ace.

    To this date, Ace is the only person to speak ill of Gol D. Roger.

    Monkey D. Garp

    Vice Admiral Garp adopted Ace as a favor to Roger to give Ace a life free of prejudice of being born from a family of pirates.

    Though respectful it seems of his "grandfather", he denounces that he and Luffy could ever have become Marines. He disagrees with Garp on their fathers and remains grounded on the idea that becoming Marines would not have been possible with both of their fathers being most wanted criminals.

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    Maybe they're not real brothers? No, Whitebeard is not Luffy's dad. Luffy's dad is Dragon, the Revolutionist on another island. It seems that Robin might be meeting them. Luffy and Ace were raised by Garp (the Marine general). Garp was promised to raise and protect Ace, and the same would go for Luffy. The requests are made by two dangerous enemies of Marines HQ: Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Dragon. Why? There is no reason yet.

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