Can someone please explain the General Relativity Formula to me?(10 points)?

i see the formula to General Relativity all the time but im having trouble knowing what all the formula goes for like i know the Capitalized greek letter Lambda is the Astrological Constant but what does the rest mean.. im detail and how would one put this formula in practice or do a problem using this formula?


i know i posted this 3 times.. once for each possible subject physics, math and astronomy.

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    The G thingy on LHS is curvature of space-time and the T thingy on the RHS is the source of such curvature, which is energy, that very energy which is mc².

    Energy is simple. Curvature is even simpler. Imagine that you hold two heavy balls in two hands and you drop the balls. Each ball will accelerate towards the center of the Earth, that is they will begin to converge to each other. If you apply a ruler to the balls one second later, you will notice that the distance between the balls had diminished. That's convergence of initially parralel straight trajectories. That's curvature.

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