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What is wrong with the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Havent had a winning season in 16 or so seasons. I dont understand why, do they just not care as long as long as they make money?? Oh well. Let me in on the secret if you know. Thanks!


I think the comment about not being good in the "steroid era" really was a good point and makes me feel maybe Pittsburgh was honest and it didnt pay off. No Pirate steroid users come to mind (except Bonds who played in 1992)

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    Until recently, the Pirates ownership was only interested in lining their pockets with revenue sharing money they received from MLB. When Bob Nutting became the principal owner and overall head of the club, they finally started to bring in 'baseball people' into the organization to bring in massive talent to a system desperately lacking it. So far, GM Neal Huntington has done a good job getting talent (8 rookies on the 2009 team), and more will be on the way soon. I think within the next two years, the Bucs will finally have a competitive club. All it takes is good management, which this team has been lacking for a very long time!

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    Its kinda a cyclical effect. The Pirates are not a good team everybody knows this, if you were a free agent would you want to sign with a team who doesnt seem to have chance? Well if they cant sign a free agent they have to grow from within, the only problem is once they get some good tallent they trade it off for more good talent, they are trying to get enough good talent in the bigs & playing at once. The problem they have been having is they get a few good guys here & there but not enough to compete, so they trade off those good guys in hopes of getting more good players. Problem is it hasnt been working out for them. The players they are getting either arent maturing fast enough or just arent as good as the guys they give away, so semingly every year they get worse. It is sad but it is just the way it is. They need to get lucky & get a group of 4-5 core guys & build around them. I feel sorry for them...but hey look at the Tigers or the Rays they were the just a couple years ago & now they are competing. Give it time, hopefully not another 16 years though!

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    Keep in mind that all of MLB is ultimately a business and their goal is to make money. That being said, financials are the name of the game. The Pirates are a smaller market team (28th in payroll if Im not mistaken). What they aim to do is try and get younger talent at a low cost and build around a core of these younger players. Although it seems like they are trading away their best players, they are trying to assemble prospects who will evolve into All-stars or players who can play above average for their positions. Unfortunately, they have not had much success as many of their prospects have panned out or just end up being average players that cannot provide to a solid foundation for a playoff contending team. I do agree from above that they can easily become a 2008 Rays team having a surreal season in their division, but it will take more time, as well as much more careful scouting of players they want to trade for in the minor league system or draft.

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    The management and ownership seem to like to keep the payroll trimmed real short so they ship out expensive commodities. Once the player is in line for a big raise, that's it. They have a decent young team this year but it will improve if the owner dips deeper into his wallet.

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    they trade away every good player/every player having a good season for prospects

    last year they traded jason bay and xavier nady

    this year they traded away nate mclouth, hinske and njyer morgan

    and they're about to trade away freddy sanchez

    if they had kept bay nady and mclouth that might of been the best outfield in the bigs (think about it) and it would be a decent lineup but now there lineup is terrible and half the players on the roster wouldn't make a big league team anywhere else

  • They haven't adjusted well to other teams giving steroids to their players. I think it reflects on them in a good way that they haven't found any success in this type of era of league-wide notoriety.

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    The owners wont put any money into the team

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    They trade a player the moment he has a good year.

    Source(s): Good luck to all teams!
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    cuz there from pittsburg that yy

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    they suck

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