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Why did L.A. boo David Beckham?

Ok so im not a huge soccer fan. Well actually I couldn't name one person that plays soccer in any league anywhere with the exception of beckham. So I was hoping some of you soccer fans out there would expain why exactly the fans boo'd beckham the other night. and i guess ill go ahead and ask, if you were there that night would you have boo'd?

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  • John M
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    1 decade ago
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    Basics people, basics. David Beckham elected to

    take the position with AC Milan during the MLS

    offseason. When AC Milan saw that Beckham

    was a productive addition to their squad they offered

    for him to stay with them till the end of the season.

    Unfortunately, that meant a duration of almost 3 months

    into the MLS season. LA offered Beckham a chance

    to buy out of his contract but he would have to complete

    the 2009 MLS Season. AC Milan is in their off season, so

    Beckham probably decided some money was better

    than none.. On his arrival in LA Beckham wanted to pick

    up where he left off, as captain of the LA Galaxy.

    Landon Donovan felt he had earned the position

    and more or less was not afraid to tell people about.

    Thus the Beckham/Donovan feud a few weeks back.

    MLS uses Beckham as a main money draw, when

    the LA Galaxy comes to town, Beckham is their

    Money man, Beckham generates a hefty amount of

    profit for the Home Teams. Somewhere in the area

    of 25 to 30 % increase in ticket and souveneir sales.

    The MLS is out there to make the money firstly,

    and then to provide a means of bringing "PRO" soccer

    to the American Public. I am from the DC area,

    I saw Beckham " play " like he was dragging a telephone

    pole around behind him. For this I paid $ 45.00 per ticket

    to sit in a seat that is commonly known as a "Nosebleed"

    section, that they don't normally sell during the regular

    season, and if they did would charge $18.00 for.

    I don't think Beckham will be with MLS much longer.

    MLS has offered him a buy-out for his current contract

    and if he can talk AC Milan into taking over that contract

    and paying the transfer fee, Beckham is history in the US..

    Source(s): Player for 46 years, coach for 30 years, referee for 25 years. Think that makes me knowledgeable.
  • 1 decade ago

    ^^^ I saw that as well... Sportsnation "fan-ish or foolish", right? The guy clearly had no idea what he was talking about and had probably never watch an MLS game in his life. He didn't address the issue with the AC Milan loan as to why the fans booed him, but rather "his performance on the field" which had done nothing but help the team on so many levels. What so many anti-Beckham bandwagoners tend to use is the lack of results, which to blame Beckham for it is the biggest load of B.S. We had players like Troy Roberts, Alan Gordon, Carlos Pavon, and Mike Randolph (the list goes on and on), regular starters who would conistently f*** up during that first season, then they went on a 7-game unbeaten streak and their season (and play-off hopes) came down to the final game in the season against Chicago, but they scored a late goal and tarnished the Galaxy's post season hopes. Becks didn't play that many games the first 2 seasons because of injury and national call-ups, when he did play he had countless assists and really made an impact - no one who watched every game can deny this. Unfortunately Galaxy management made some shotty decisions with firing Frank Yallop and hiring Ruud Gullit as coach, and not getting rid of inept players in a timely manner. This season, things are looking up and I really like the rest of our squad and coach for the first time since 2005. Management's made some excellent trades to build up a solid roster this season, and I'm confident they'll make the post season this year. For Beckham's sake, I hope he can use this opportunity to silence the critics once again - it would be huge for LA and just for the league's credibilty as a whole. But back to your question, especially after his 2 assists last night against AC Milan, he proved his skill and willingness to do his best for the team on the field, and that's all I can ask for from a player. It was ****ed up, immature, naive, and classless to boo him.

    Source(s): I'm a huge Galaxy fan who respects Beck's WC ambitions and as a person. I really believe he's sincere in that he wants football to be bigger in the states and support anything to make that happen!
  • 5 years ago

    Once again the importance of playing for the national squad is not the problem, The way he went about it is! He showed no golden balls running his mouth from thousands of miles away. He got booed for being a punk b-otch plain and simple, He chose to turn his back on us no matter how anyone sugar coats it or justifies it that is what he did. He was our captain our leader and showed that when the shyt hits the fan he's the type of man who cries and runs home to europe. We don't now or ever respect sportsmen like this. Alot of haters say that our league is a mickey mouse league, that we have a pub team fair enough but it is OURS! so let the haters hate and watch the money pile up. As for becky well he knows now that btches who talk shyt get dealt with real quick.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is why the fans booed becks. He decided to leave L.A. Galaxy to play for an Italian soccer team called AC Milan. He did it to get a chance to play for his national team England. Then he decided to come back and play for galaxy (I think they have 12 or 13 games left).

    Personally I never liked Beckham (because of the teams he played for in the past) so yeah, I would have booed him.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because Americans think just because he went on loan he's a traitor.

    At Real he was pushed aside, now if i was in that postion at 32 years of age, i would have doubts on my ability too. So he joined a team in america which had the ability to maintain his position of being the insperational winger that he is.

    He had a great year, even due to injury.

    Season ends, but because he just got back to fitness and europe is in mid-swing of season, he joined the italian giants AC Milan. Only for a few months.

    Which probrably helped his morale and playing abilities and his chance to play for england one last time in world cup.

    Now if thats what respose i got for moving. I would contemplate a switch too!!

    If their fans have anyone to blame for the matter.

    They should blame the manager for letting Beckham taste what he desires in first team high class football.

  • I'm not really a soccer fan or know alot about it neither but i was watching sportsnation and they was talking something about him signing one of the biggest contract ever and he only scored like 5 goals in like 30 something games. Most of this people are correct about him leaving and then coming back, i guess he got boo for not helping the team much after getting paid so much and also for leaving.

    Source(s): espn hope i helped =]
  • 1 decade ago

    they booed him cuz he went to go play at ac milan (one of the best soccer teams in the world) for 3 months and he was thinking about staying over there. but as the deal said, he only stayed for 3 when he came back, he wasnt exactly welcomed

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    1 decade ago

    coz he promisd to retire from European football when he joined l.a galaxy.

    The fans welcomed him with open arms..but as soon as he got an offer from Italian club A.C milan..he ditched galaxy and jumped onto the band wagon.

    Now that he has come back to America the fans have banners saying “GO BACK! TRAITOR BECKHAM”

    The behaviour of the fans is absolutely justified.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hahahaha i mean of course sorry mls fans ^^^^ are going to cry and pout because becks left, yet who wouldn't, bet you if the sorriest player in the league, donovan got an offer with ac milan he would leave, the mls is low level play, i mean it shows how rejects in the mexican futbol leleagueasily become stars in the mls like, trujillo, claudio suarez (at 40 one of the best defenders in the mls), lillingston who matches pretty boy donovan in goals. these three players barely ever played in mexico in their last 2 to three years there and they become stars in the mls, so fans bobooedeckham because he is a star player who clearly stated what he saw, crap football, so instead to fufulfillis dream of playing for england he went to italy for better competition. when he came back the mls fans thought he was a traitor because mls fans are sorry crybabies.

  • 1 decade ago

    I understand with Euorpen Opera, the more you boo, the more they like it and support you. You should not take it personally.In fact, that is a the performance when they really booooooo!!

    Trisha O'Brien

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