does paramore support twloha?

does paramore still support to write love on her arms? because on their site at under band under favorite charities it doesnt list to write love on her arms anymore. does anyone know why?

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    1 decade ago
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    We are alive and better because of the love, grace, wisdom and support of our familes.

    We keep going because of the friendship, inspiration and support of:

    Amy and Josh Hartzler, Michelle and Aaron Moore, Jim Hoyle, Reese Butler and Hopeline, Dayna Ghiraldi, Chris Heuertz, Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillias, Drew Shirley, Andy Barron, Deon Rexroat, Stephen Christian, Nate Young, Joey Milligan, Christian McAlhaney, Reid McMullian, Jimi Storey, Kyle Griner and Arson Media Group, Anthony Raneri, Chris Guglielmo, Nick Ghanbarian, Jack O'Shea, Dustin Kensrue, Aaron Gillespie, Josh Moore, Bryce Avary, Zach Lind, Luis Dubuc, Hawthorne Heights, Ashley Calvert, Jon Tyson, Dustin Miller, James Likeness, Sueann Cho, Aaron McManus, Mariah McManus, Kim and Erwin McManus, Nathan Chapman, Ian Soto, Dave Decker, Kate and David Hodges, Danielle and Steven McMorran, John Campbell, Gord Marriage, Mark Codgen, C.J. Hobgood, Charlotte and Damien Hobgood, Rich Sullivan, Damion Suomi, Jonathan Smoak, Chad Johnson, Nick Sambrado and Dylon York.

    Miles of thanks (and certainly per diem) to Michael Schneider. You too Jonathan Stark.

    Enormous thanks to Bruce Fitzhugh, Mike Lewis, Bill Power, Bryan Kemp, Sara Smith and everyone at Zambooie. Thanks for reading all of our emails.

    We are inspired by the bravery and creativity of Jason Russell, Laren Poole, Ben Keesey, Kenny Laubbacher and everyone at Invisible Children. Thanks for raising the bar and drawing the map.

    Jamie writes because of Donald Miller. Thanks for being honest and thank you for believing.

    Thanks as bright as Vegas to Craig Gross, for getting us off the ground.

    Thank you to Ryan Davis, Ed Labay, Betsy McLaughlin and the entire team at Hot Topic. Who would have thought?

    Thank you to Kevin Lyman, Sarah Baer, Kate Truscott, Sumner Komro and Warped Tour. Thanks for letting us spend our summers with you.

    Thank you Bob Hurley, Paul Gomez, Greg Teal and everyone at Hurley.

    Thank you to Gabe Lyons and Fermi Project. We're honored to be in the mix.

    Nine million thanks to Kerri Forrest.

    Thanks also to:

    Mike McKoy, Julia Conny, Jason Tate and, Alternative Press Magazine, Steven Smith and FUSE, David Kinnaman, Courtney Fahey, Jeff Shinabarger, Brad Lomenick and Catalyst, Matt Mugford, Eric Bryant and Mosaic, Heidi Psyk, Blake Mycoskie and TOMS, Mark Foreman, Bob Mackenzie, Vicky Beeching and North Coast CC, Robby Starbuck, Mindy White, Kelly Slater, Timmy Curran, Russell Brownley, Darren Whitehead, Jeff Johnson, Mike Foster, Rebecca St. James, Raina and Jason Byars, The Way, Evan Loomis, Jenny White, Ping, Brent Cayson, Ryan Nichols, Miggs, Ike, Alisha Maddocks, Christian Hanson, Griffin Matthews and Be the Change Uganda, Eric Marshall, Luke Floeter, John Campbell, Buzzy Jenkins, Josh Redd, Steve Miller, Buddy Favor.

    Thanks beyond words to the originals:

    Renee Yohe, David McKenna, Ashley Stratton, A.J. Sherrill, Josh Loveless and Status, Ryan Kirkland, Josh Martin, Kory Westerhold, Tyler Clark, Jesse Carey, Cameron Strang and Relevant Magazine, Trisha Horst, Joel Ealy, Morgan McGuire, Origins NYC, Lauren and David Ranzino, Jon Bell.

    Thank you to the ones who made the house a home:

    Justin Artoff, Hannah Aubrey, Kendra Beitzel, Linda Cheek, Whitney Daleiden, Charlsey Dyer, Alex Fautua, Maddy Hlinicky, Chad Moses, Shane Welker,

    Global thanks to:

    Gemma Lee, Kerryn Devenny, Joel Houston, Harrison Little and Jeremy Ortiz in Australia, Olivia Tan and the Fairfield boys in England, Stuart Gilmour, Ellen Purves and Pamela Cuthill in Scotland.

    Music is a huge part of our story. We believe in the songs of our friends.

    We would like to thank the following artists for their support of TWLOHA:

    Switchfoot, Anberlin, Bayside, Evanescence, Thrice, The Almost, Paramore, The Rocket Summer, Jimmy Eat World, Underoath, Jon Foreman, Dustin Kensrue, Copeland, Josh Moore, Sleeping at Last, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, The Secret Handshake, Ellington, The Color Fred, VersaEmerge, Plain White T's, Meg and Dia, Mayday Parade, Jonezetta, Between the Trees, Band Marino, Lovedrug, Lydia, The Myriad, The Classic Crime, Fireflight, There for Tomorrow, Sullivan, Vedera, Cool Hand Luke, Mat Kearney, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Derek Webb, Bradley Hathaway, A Skylit Drive, Eye Alaska, Gasoline Heart, Mike Dunn & the Kings of New England.

    Thank you to everyone who supports TWLOHA. More importantly, thank you to everyone who's fighting for change and learning what it means to love people. We're all in this together.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Idk why they dont anymore , but i do know that they dont surport that anymore.

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