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Was the lion hunter, railway personal, Robert Turk an actual person?

Hi I am trying to see if a man named Robert Turk from Ronald Hardy's book "The Iron Snake" was an actual person or not. He was mention to have lived in Kenya until his death in 1926. He was a sail maker in England, but turn hunter for the Uganda railway and spent time in Tsavo with Col. Patterson and the man-eaters, however there is no mention of him by Col. Patterson in his 1907 book, but Hardy provides a page from Turks dairy that I think is hard to dispute. Let me know if this man was real. Ho by the way he was not the man from "The Ghost and the Darkness" played by Michal Douglas.


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    am Kenya n i have read the story on local magazines n dailies, and i do not think Turk was an actual person.

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