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Help Finding Fall/Winter Boots Plz?

i have been wanting boots for the fall/winter for a while but i really dont know where to look for them so i would appreciate some help. i like flat boots, no heels please. (of course, most boots have some sort of heel like at least a centimeter but those dont count. ) the kind im looking for are the ones that come up to a few inches below the knee - that i can tuck skinny jeans into or wear a cute dress and thick winter tights and have socks peeking up over the tops of the boots. kind of like hermione's in the Half Blood Prince.. (picture --> ) but just that general look not really those boots. alright onto my likes and dislikes, since not only am i 'new to boots' but i'm pretty picky.. i will have to buy these myself so i gotta get ones that i like a LOT.



-dark colors like brown, green, and sometimes red, just remember DARK or else i will have issues wearing it with things

-buckles (sometimes)

-bows (sometimes..they can be sooo cute on boots!)

-flat boots no heels please :]

-riding boot shape

dislikes, what i dont want:

-uggs (im only talking about the regular uggs, i dont know what else that brand carries so yeah)

-suede :PPPP


-light colors especially tan. terrible.

-laces. they are winter boots! not sneakers!

-not holding up to snow..they are for the winter

-patterns, busyness.

-pointy toes

please help! i just dont know where to look at all when the stores start getting in winter boots, and i kind of dont know what im looking for either.

i would describe my winter style as kind of grungy, lots of layers, sometimes monochromatic (i <3 gray), maybe with a sort of 'oxford' feel as i will be wearing some darker plaids. warm and bundled up like an adventurer - but a cute one - with big buttons, a cute knit hat and mittens, peeks of lace from a dress under the coat.

the shape i go for is kind of layers on top, not so much on my legs, kind of like a little kid. i will be wearing thick tights with socks or skinny jeans and i want the boots to not be too bulky to fit into this style.

feel free to ask me any questions, im really poking around in the dark as im not a boots person and what comes to mind when i think boots are some horrible monstrosity of thin shiny tan lace up tackyness which is NOT what i want at all lol. thank you for you help!

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