serious opinions needed. please?

hey all. i need serious opinions. what do u think. Man, 24, 180cm/5'11, 77kg/170lbs and is able to bench press 91kg/200lbs 12 reps in a row. max. and hes new to bench press. only did bodyweight exercises before. is that a good start for him? how strong is he for his size? 170lbs man benching 200lbs 12 reps in a row. new to bench press. be honest please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thats fine. I know lots of guys that size who couldn't bench 200lbs.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can bench more then your weight so I wouldn't be overly insecure about it but you know it doesn't matter what you can bench press in the beginning, if you work at it you can change it.

    Some people have more problems with bench press if they have longer arms but are better at things like dead lifts. Bench press doesn't count for your entire strength, it's just a few muscles that are isolated, if you want to calculate your whole weight you could do squats or dead lifts but either way if you're working on getting to a higher state of physical being then who cares where you start, just keep the results in your mind and focus on your gains because that's what is most important.

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    that is insane. my friend weighs 115 and keep in mind that i am 13 and he is 12 he goes to the gym every other day and he looks like he has a baseball in his arm. he is black. he can bench press like 80 or 90 and thats even crazy you r suppose to be able to lift at least half your weight

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    Strong enough. Dude, relax. Once you start lifting weights on a regular basis, you'll grow bigger and stronger. Trust me.

    Eat plenty of proteins and drink lots of water. Whey protein is also an option.

    Don't take any weirdo anabolics and **** like that, or your penis will grow smaller. Really.

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    1 decade ago

    ...first of all why is this in the martial arts section o.O. second, i know chicks who can do that but u'll gain weight bro just give it time. i wouldn't really worry about how much weight you're pumping, alot of people who can lift the heavy weight tire out really easily because their muscles are conditioned to work for one quick burst instead of over a period of time...and thats not a useful feature to have

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    sorri but idt u can do it... i might if you train and i mean train hard but in reality i would go with a no. but you never no if you realli realli want to do it and set your mind to it then maybe you can but your not gonna be able to do it in a week maybe in 3 months but not in a week

  • Rob B
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    1 decade ago

    What happened to the triangle pushups with a fat lady sitting on your back?

  • 1 decade ago

    Do it 200 times and then you'll be on to something.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not that good, I can bench more than I weigh & I'm a 27yr, woman, 5'1, 120ish, you'll get better though

  • Mouse
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    1 decade ago


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