Please help me to 繹the story .

Please help me to 繹the story .Thx

Captain Redcoat shouted to the ship's First Mate,

"Quick, Mister Slim, "tell me the date!"

"Thirty-first," said Slim. "It's Halloween day."

"Lower the boat," cried the Captain. "We cannot delay." Three Pumpkin Pirates rowed to the dock,

As eight bells rang on the old town clock.

They scampered ashore, wondered which way to go.

Slim saw some children. Of course, kids would know. "Follow these children. Let's get in line.

Soon bags full of candy will be yours and mine."

They marched up the stairs and through a tall door

Out onto a stage with a dozen or more... ...Kids in costumes on stools, plus a grownup or two,

And a man in a suit that was totally blue.

"Ahem," he began. "Welcome, children," he said.

"Meet the judge of this contest. Children, meet Fred." Fred was quite tall and he smiled a big smile.

"Your costumes are great. Let me look for awhile"

He studied each costume and said, "Hmm," and, "Ahh."

He looked very closely at each wing and claw. Fred sat on the floor, nose to nose with their noses.

He leaned this way and that way and tried out their poses.

He walked like a robot and hopped like a rabbit.

He said, "Playing with children is a marvelous habit!" "Great Scott!" cried the Captain. "Golly!" and "Yikes!"

"It's a costume contest for these little tykes!"

When Fred wasn't looking, the Pirates ran to the door.

"Stop!", cried Fred. "Wait! Just one minute more!" "What wonderful costumes! Did you buy them somewhere?

Or did your mothers make them? I really do care."

"And here's another question that I need to ask.

Is that a real pumpkin or is it a mask?" Fred started to tug on Tattie Boggle's head

"Hold on just a minute," the wee pirate said.



"This is my head, I want you to know.

Get out of my way. I've got to go." "Don't leave," said Fred. "You win the prize."

"But you'll have to share it with these other two guys."

Update 2:

"So what sort of prize did you say that we win,"

Said the pirate called Slim with an ear-to-ear grin. The man in the suit held up a big sack

With a checkerboard pattern of yellow and black.

Update 3:

"Ten pounds of candy," said Fred with a smile.

"These Halloween treats will last a long while." "We'll share with you kids," the Captain did say.

"Then it's off to our ship to be sailin' away."

Update 4:

"This big bag of candy will last us all year,

But next Halloween, we'll be sure to stop here." So they boarded their ship with a, "Hip, Hip, Hooray!"

Update 5:

"Another great haul on this Halloween Day."

"We'll come every year to this town by the sea,

Where they give out free candy to you and to me!"

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    「快, 苗條先生, 「告訴我日期!」

    「第三十一」,說亭亭玉立。 「它是萬聖節天」。

    「更低小船」,哭泣上尉。 「我們不可能延遲」。 三位南瓜海盜被盪槳對船塢,



    減肥看見了有些孩子。 當然,孩子會知道。 「跟隨這些孩子。 在線我們得到。



    在與十二的一個階段或更多上… …在凳子的服裝哄騙,加上成年或二,


    「啊哼」,他開始了。 「歡迎,孩子」,他說。

    「遇見這場比賽的法官。 孩子,集會弗雷德」。 弗雷德是相當高的,並且他微笑大微笑。

    「您的服裝是偉大的。 讓我一會兒尋找」

    他學習了每套服裝並且說, 「Hmm」,和, 「Ahh」。

    他非常仔细地看每個翼和爪。 弗雷德坐地板,鼻子引導與他們的鼻子。



    他說, 「使用與孩子是奇妙習性!」 「了不起的斯科特!」 哭泣上尉。 「天呀!」 並且「Yikes!」



    「中止! 」,哭泣的弗雷德。 「等待! 更一分鐘!」 「什麼美妙的服裝! 您是否買了他們某處?

    或者您的母親是否做了他們? 我真正地關心。「





    让路。 我一定去。「「不要離開」,弗雷德說。 「您贏取獎」。



    前述海盜告诉了與耳朵對耳朵咧嘴的苗條。 衣服的人阻止了一個大大袋



    「這些萬聖節款待將持續長的一會兒」。 「我們與您將分享哄騙」,上尉說。



    但是下萬聖節,我們將是肯定停止這裡。「如此他們上他們的與a的船, 「臀部,臀部,萬歲 !」




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