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Do you think these wrestler are sexy ? My sister want to know what everbody thinks.?

My sister think that all of these guys are sexy. But I thinks all of are damn ugly. What do you guys think. Either yes or no ANSWERS. Give A REASON FOR THE WRESTLER IF THEY ARE SEXY OR DAMN PITIFUL. YOU MUST DO IT FOR ALL THE WRESTLER

Chavo Guerrero

Jack Swagger

Evan Bourne

Jack Swagger

Jamie Noble

Santino Marella

Ted DiBiase

John Cena


Charlie Haas

Chris Jericho

Dolph Ziggler


David Hart Smith

DJ Gabriel

Ezekiel Jackson

Vladimir Kozlov

Tommy Dreamer


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    Chavo Guerrero- ew

    Jack Swagger- hot, smile!

    Evan Bourne= cute

    Jack Swagger= uh

    Jamie Noble-no

    Santino Marella-gross

    Ted DiBiase=Love him

    John Cena=hot

    Batista=love him

    Charlie Haas=no

    Chris Jericho=ok

    Dolph Ziggler=no


    David Hart Smith=no

    DJ Gabriel=no

    Ezekiel Jackson=no

    Vladimir Kozlov=gross

    Tommy Dreamer=no

    AJ STYLES=no

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    Chavo Guerrero - no

    Jack Swagger -he is okay

    Evan Bourne - Yes Sexy

    Jack Swagger - why is he ther twice he is okay

    Jamie Noble - no

    Santino Marella - no

    Ted DiBiase - Yes

    John Cena -okay

    Batista - no

    Charlie Haas - Okay

    Chris Jericho - Sexy SEXY

    Dolph Ziggler - okay

    Jesse - no

    David Hart Smith - no

    DJ Gabriel - no

    Ezekiel Jackson - no

    Vladimir Kozlov - no

    Tommy Dreamer -ew

    AJ STYLES - sexy SEXY

    why is John Morrison or Randy Orton not on this list lol

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    Chavo Guerrero

    Jack Swagger - eww

    Evan Bourne - adorable as kan be

    Jack Swagger - eww

    Jamie Noble - eww

    Santino Marella - w/o the unibrow nice body

    Ted DiBiase - sexy

    John Cena - sexy

    Batista - eww

    Charlie Haas - okay

    Chris Jericho - nice body

    Dolph Ziggler - okay

    Jesse - eww gross

    David Hart Smith - no

    DJ Gabriel - no

    Ezekiel Jackson - nice body

    Vladimir Kozlov - never

    Tommy Dreamer - no

    AJ STYLES - kinda sexy

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    Chavo- Ok

    Jack Swagger- Ok

    Evan Bourne- Ugly

    Jamie Noble- Hideous

    Santino marella- Cute w/o the unibrow

    Ted DiBiase- Ugly

    John Cena- Ugly

    Batista- Ok

    Charlie Haas- Cute w/ his goatee

    Chris Jericho- Ugly

    Dolph Ziggler- Cute

    Jesse- Ugly

    DH Smith- Ugly

    DJ Gabriel- Butt Ugly

    Big Zeke- Ugly

    Vladmir Kozlov- Ugly

    Tommy Dreamer- Ugly

    AJ Styles- Cute

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    Chavo Guerrero- NO

    Jack Swagger - NO

    Evan Bourne - ADORABLE, NOT SEXY

    Jamie Noble - NO

    Santino Marella - NO

    Ted DiBiase - NO

    John Cena - YES

    Batista - NO

    Charlie Haas - NO

    Chris Jericho - YES YES YES!

    Dolph Ziggler - NO

    Jesse - NO

    David Hart Smith -NO

    DJ Gabriel - WHO?

    Ezekiel Jackson - NO

    Vladimir Kozlov - NO

    Tommy Dreamer - NO


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    Okay well IMO I think the following and I am not giving a reason. s that even really necessary?

    Chavo Guerrero - Okay

    Jack Swagger -Okay

    Evan Bourne - Sexy

    Jamie Noble - Not

    Santino Marella - Sexy I guess...

    Ted DiBiase - Sexy

    John Cena -Errr.....

    Batista - Sexy I guess...

    Charlie Haas- Okay

    Chris Jericho - Sexy

    Dolph Ziggler - Sexy

    Jesse - Not

    David Hart Smith- not

    DJ Gabriel - Not

    Ezekiel Jackson - Not

    Vladimir Kozlov - Not

    Tommy Dreamer - Okkkay

    AJ STYLES- Sexy

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    Chavo: He isn't really sexy, he is not completely ugly though, I would say he is average.

    Jack Swagger: He is a good looking guy, but does look a little dorky.

    Evan Bourne: Evan is cute for a guy.

    Jack Swagger? : See above answer.

    Jamie Noble: No, Jaimie is not sexy, He isn't ugly, but he doesn't have the best facial features.

    Santino Marella: Santino isn't sexy and it is because of that d@mn unibrow, he needs to shave it or pluck it or do something, then he would be a lot better looking.

    Ted Dibiase: He is a Good looking guy but really lacks charisma, so he is not sexy.

    John Cena: He looks good but I think he has too much muscle, kind of looks like he is on Steroids, but I'm not saying that he is.

    Batista: He isn't sexy, he is like Cena and looks like he is on Steroids, I'm not saying he is and he really doesn't look that good, but I wouldn't tell him that to his face LOL.

    Charlie Haas: He is actually one of the cuter superstars in WWE.

    Chris Jericho: Jericho is better looking now than a few years ago, He use to have some weird facial hair and freaky hair styles, Now he is Sexy.

    Dolph Ziggler: Dolph = Pretty Boy, LOL, I don't see anything wrong with the way he looks.

    Jesse: I think he looks like a dork, Not Sexy, IMO.

    David Hart Smith, DJ Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson: Not Sexy, they are kind of lame and lack charisma.

    Vladimir Kozlov: Not Sexy, but he is not suppose to be, he plays a mean angry russian, and that is what he looks like.

    Tommy Dreamer: Not Sexy, Tommy is a old man and he is losing his hair, LOL.

    AJ Styles: AJ is Super Hott. I wish I looked like AJ, Sigh, LOL.

    I'm a dude who likes chicks, so I really do not know what women think of these wrestlers, All of the wrestlers are athletic and are in good shape, so I could understand why a woman might find them Sexy.

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    chavo is sexy

    jack swagger isnt sexy

    evan bourne is sexy

    jamie noble is sexy

    santino marella is sexy

    ted debiase is sexy

    john cena is sexy

    batista is sexy

    charlie haas is sexy

    chris jericho is sexy

    dolph ziggler is sexy

    jesse isnt sexy

    dh smith isnt sexy

    dj gabriel isnt sexy

    ezikiel jackson isnt sexy

    vlatimare kozlov isnt sexy

    tommy dreamer isnt sexy

    aj styles is sexy

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    Chris Jericho is very handsome in my opinion. He brought SEXY BACK in the WWE.

    HBK is very hot you know...a little older but he still got it for me. *sighs*

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    Iam answerimg a big NO to all of them. Mainly cause iam not gay.

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