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What is the best bodywash/shampoo for someone with contact dermatitis?

I've developed a horrible case of allergic/mechanical contact dermatitis. Any contact with soaps or solvents causes my hands to swell, dry, and crack. I tried using soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin but that didn't even work. Any ideas?

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    Try diluted baby shampoo. Get one of those foaming baby shampoos. Most of them only have about 1-2 tablespoons of detergent ingredients per bottle, the rest is water. Best wishes with your condition though, because contact dermatitis is general caused by whatever you are allergic to having already been absorbed into your skin... it won't quit until the allergic substance you have already been exposed to degrades enough to quit bothering you-- and you stop exposing yourself to the problem. In the meantime, you might try some Benedryl gel and/or an aloe vera lotion.

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    there's this soap out there for people with super sensitive skin. i can't remember it's name but maybe someone else will. it's completely clear, contains gentle cleansers and has no harsh soaps, no ammonia laureth or sulfate, no fragrance. my cousin had a similar problem and this was the only soap that worked for her.

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    no soap? Did you know, before the 1920's people shampooed their hair about once a month?

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