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What is the most dangerous thing on this planet? (living , man made, disease or anything really)?

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    The mosquito and flies kill more people than any other animal. More than sharks, lions, dogs, snakes, etc. combined. Malaria, spread by mosquitos, is a leading cause of death in many countries.

    I'd still say the most dangerous animal is man though.

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    I think the worst hasn't happened yet, and that will be some type of bacteria/virus that has grown resistant to any treatment. Sooner or later, a bacterium or virus will mutate and we will all probably die. That is the most dangerous thing I can imagine.

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    being mauled by a bear and a wolf while robbing someone elses house durring a gas leak. THEN just as a drunk guy crashes through the wall, a metior crashes through the house, but it leaves you alive but a vegitable. the owner comes home, realises what happens, rapes you and you get aids, then he stabs you 56 times. you are taken to the hospital, and while you are there a nail bomb goes off as someone is smothering you. but then the atmosphear catches on fire due to a nucular holocaust.

    Source(s): i thought of every bad thing that could happen.... this is what came out
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    Yup I agree, I think it's man.

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    a human.

    humans can lunch a missile from america and kill you in any spot on the planet. no animal can no plant no storm no tornado no ...............

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