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I want to get a MBA. What is the best concentration to get it in?

I am debating what to get my concentration in?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    These are all great answers. It really boils down to what career you want to take on with your MBA. Are you looking for a career in finance? Marketing? Looking to start your own business? Whatever it may be, there are plenty of concentrations available that will suit your needs.

    We've interviewed many business school deans about the strengths of various MBA concentrations and how they can help launch your career.

    Concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Technology and General Management:

    Concentrations in Non-profit Management, Marketing, Real Estate and Healthcare

    Concentrations in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Hope these help! Good luck!

    -MBA Podcaster

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  • 1 decade ago

    Econ, accounting, or finance are strong pre-MBA concentrations. Should those not interest you, MBA schools admit students from an array of majors, but your best chances are with the critical-thinking majors (engineering, math, etc.--avoid the art, psychology, etc.)

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  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    From a monetary point of view they are all equally good - it boils down to your strengths. If you are a math oriented type do a mathematical finance concentration. If you hate math do communication. If you like working with people do personnel management.



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