how do i pick between two boys in this situation?

i met this boy thru my friend she went out with him but never seen him in person until one day i had come to her house and she was nervous but i wasnt he got out of the car and it was like a moment in the movies where the two look at eachother and they instantly know who they want. thats howit happened and that night she knew i liked him alot the next day me and her actually got into a physical fight over him which was not worth it in my book but then me and him were together for a year on and off due to my own insercurites.and we still talk and we still sy i love you too eachother because we have strong feelings but we ALWAYS FIGHT and then i met this boy at school and hes really funny and sweet but i dont know if he wants me for me or he just wants me for sex? but i have a feeling he likes me.we flirt ALOT. and he always calls me baby and sexy and things like that im REALLLLYY confused

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    1 decade ago

    I wish I could just tell you what to do and you could go with that and have all your problems done with. I know what it's like to be confused and unsure of problems like these. Honestly, you really just have to go with what you think is right and who you like more, who you want to be with more.

    The first guy:

    You chose him over your friend because you got into multiple fights with her when you guys just first start being interested in each other. If he was worth losing a friend over then that definitely says that he means a lot to you. A year is a very long time to be with someone but in that year people can change. It might not have even been him that changed maybe it was you - and that's not a bad thing. If you feel like you still love him but you guys bring out the worst in each other then I say just end it. It might be hard but in the long run you will probably be glad that you got out of that situation when you did.

    The second guy:

    Flirting is fun, and it definitely boosts your ego making yourself feel a lot better about yourself. I'm not trying to be rude but it kind of seems like this guy might be using you.

    What I can say is you should chose who you want to be with. You never really know maybe there's another guy that just might pop up into your life. Just think about your choices and be glad that you have two guys right at your finger tips.

    Good luck ! :)

    & hope i helped.

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    *Controversial View*

    You've done well to recognise that you have some issues within yourself, your outlook etc that aren't quite what you feel you want them to be.

    So I vote for NEITHER of the two boys.

    Take time to sort yourself out first. Get to the bottom of all those insecurities you talk about. All those reasons that makes you feel being in a relationship where you fight and don't respect each other is what you deserve/worth persisting with.

    If you don't change YOUR script, life is just going to play out exactly the same way over and over again. The only difference would be the 'location', the 'costumes', leading actors and actresses etc, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    The guy you met at school sounds like the better of them. I think it's really awful that the guy and the girl were all into each other in front of you. That is so mean and wrong. I would have dumped the friend AND the bf a LONG time ago.

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    1 decade ago

    well fighting in a relationship isnt always the best but going with a guy who might just want u for the sex isnt either but if i had to pick id go with the second guy cuz at least u cud try to be with sumone different and see if u like him and do better with this guy and if he evr wants to have sex with u then u cud say no and dump him if u want but having a guy ( like the 1st one ) that u are constantly fighting with and have an on and off relationship then its just gonna b like that always so might as well try to find sumone new unless u really like him more then the second guy but u cud always try like making little tests of ur own on them and see who u think is a better choice :) good luck

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  • Be very careful. A lot of boys have the same line for every girl. Don't be swayed by the smooth talk. No boy is worth fighting over!!

    Praying could help you!

    Choose carefully who you spend your time with!

    Bless you and take care

  • 1 decade ago

    I've been in your position before. It's hard, but you should really get over one of them, or try to stop flirting with both.

    You've had an on and off relationship with this guy. Most likely, it's going to keep being that way.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, since you two have been together for a year, maybe suggest taking a break to see if the other is what you're really looking for.

    In that time, after the temporary breakup, see if that's really what you wanted, and if you want your boyfriend back, then go back to him.

    And if you want to try out the other guy, then go for it.

  • Just going to answer this with another question.

    Do you want to fight constantly with the same person, or do you want to at least try someone new?

    If the new guy doesn't work out, oh well. Billions of men out there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well you should first make sure the second guy likes you , because you don't want o make a complete fool of yourself when telling him you like him and he doesent like you. And you would have lost the other guy and end up with know one

  • 3 years ago

    do no longer choose for Boy S with the aid of fact your hearts no longer in it and you may merely be applying him. yet do no longer straight away anticipate issues to artwork out between you and Boy R it seems to be complicated!

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