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Guy21 asked in TravelAustraliaPerth · 1 decade ago

Is it possible to drive from Perth, Western Australia to Broome Western Australia in 2 days in a 4X4?

Need to complete in 2 days, doesnt matter which route I take. Google maps say 2098 kms via meekathara on the great eastern highway. Does anyone know the road conditions? Any tips or advice? Need to do this next week so will have curret weather conditions. Thanks.


I only have 2 days so i have to do it in that time. Would you recommend the coastal route or the inland route and why?

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    Very possible.. as long as there are two of you driving (ie. you and a second driver...)

    From corner Barrack Street and Saint Georges Terrace, Perth:

    via NW Coastal Hwy 2357 km

    via GT Northern Hwy 2230 km

    On the Greyhound Bus, it takes from 830 am one day to 530 pm the next day to get to Broome. That's taking a weird route and stopping to pick up, and having breakfast luch and dinner breaks for hours.

    Personally, have done it in 24 hours nearly to the dot. With swapping drivers, not stopping for hours to rest (just grap a meal, refuel, have a ciggie, and go) wihtout speeding (much).

    As pervious posters have said, watch out for around dusk, as you WILL encounter all sorts of animals who are hell-bent on joining with the front end of your car, with absolutely no regard to merging courtesy. Kangaroos are a bit of a bugger, as they will bounce right through your cab if given the chance. Stray cows can do a bit of damage, don't meet any of them, you won't be impressed with a few weeks of waiting for a new front end.

    And, again, beware the roos. Not fun to hit. Invest in a "Roo Shoo" or something of the like. There's various reports on how effective they are, but, if it even saves you from having a close and personal "encounter" with one roo, then it's already saved you a few times the cost of the device.

    The coast road is more fun, if only because you can spot the ocean every few hundred kilometres. And it's a prettier drive, only costing you a few more minutes to your journey. At least more trees to spot, anyways, instead of playing "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...... ROAD..... "

    Be courteous to the roadtrains (huge huge trucks) and they will be courteous to you.

    When you see one coming towards you (hopefully on the OTHER side of the road... you can never tell sometimes with these truckies... :P ) while you're still holding onto the steering wheel, give them the peace sign, or just the index finger. It's a tradition. And if you're in trouble anywhere down the track, another truckie will surely look out or you. Good Karma.

    Also, when you're travelling BEHIND a roadtrain, (AT NIGHT) for a little while, if they double flash their headlights, it means you're safe to pass (overtake them). But only if you're travelling behind them. If you're in front, and they flash their headlights:

    A. You'll go blind (those high beams on trucks are AWESOME) or;

    B. You're a knob who travelled behind them before with YOUR headlights on high-beam, or;

    C. You've got something wrong with your car, or you've left a door open, or you've left a child behind, or there's an axe murderer on the roof... blah blah blah.

    Serious about them flashing when they'redriving ahead of you though, because they can see WAYYYYYY further with their hugely blinding spotties.

    Umm...That's probably about it.

    Oh, except, try to fill up with fuel as much as you can before leaving Perth. Then every MAJOR town (Geraldton, Carnarvon, Port Headland etc) fill up again, as, the further north you head, the more fuel prices go up. And Out of town (roadhouses etc....) cost EVEN more. Profit is NOT a dirty word.

    Take care, and enjoy your drive.

    Edit: The weather is BEAUTIFUL up there. The further north you go at the moment, the warmer, and nicer it is. It's like a lovely summer in Broome at the moment.

    Try and head out of the Kimberley's during the summer (Dec, Jan, Feb) months though, it's cyclone season and "wet" season then. Fun if you like the humidity.

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    Going the coastal route is best It's not much different in kilometres and your fuel will be slightly cheaper. You need to travel a thousand kilometres a day which is a lot and very tiring . There are many rest areas on the way so I don't know if you will sleep in your vehicle or not but if you do or take a light tent then you will tend to drive off early in the morning Most rest areas will have others staying the night in campervans caravans etc. Don't over do your driving. At dawn and dusk there can be kangaroos on the road and sometimes cattle and roadtrains. so make sure your not tired while driving and task plenty of stops. Carry some food and water. The further north you get the better weather. Take a pillow and insect spray.The road conditions should be good. Be careful of speeding those police can be in the middle of nowhere.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    As an Western Australian living in Ellenbrook I would have to say the Swan Valley should definately be on the agenda. WA wines are some of the best in the world without a doubt and there is nearly always free wine tasting. In the same vein if Wines are your thing then Margaret River is tremendous , along with wineries there are shops that offer organic foods, art ,local crafts and wood turning. If you love the outdoors then go down south to Pemberton with its 300 foot high old growth trees that are so wide you could drive a truck through the trunk. Take a walk through the canopies on the canopy walk or follow the walking trails of this ancient forest. Pemberton has trout fishing so what better way to finish the day than freshly caught trout sauteed with a bit of butter and a crisp, cold WA white! Western Australia has a myriad of attractions for all people. If you are a four wheel drive enthusiast then head to Wave rock ( it is a solid Rock that looks like a breaking wave) and off up the Canning stock route , you will see the real outback Australia. ( Be careful to research the trip and carry plenty of Water.) If you love fishing or reef life then you drop a line anywhere between Geraldton to Derby and catch the best fish ever across a vast array of species. Then there is the dolphins orf Monkey Mia and the famous ningaloo reef. WA has a wealth of Indiginous culture all around as well as modern museams including the Natural Museum in Perth . To be honest 5-7 days is not enough to do justice to Western Australia

  • You must also watch out for livestock. The sations up there do not have roadside fences so there are often cattle on or very near to the edge of the road. They are used to traffic so tend not to jump in front of you, but you still must be careful.

    Roads are in excellent condition and the majority of drivers are very courteous. Most of the trucks will slow down to allow you to overtake as will the grey nomads (the retirees that head north at this time of the year).

    It is a long drive in two days. i would recommend the coastal route though. Take it easy. Have a rest when you need to. Don't speed. And try to take 3 days!!!!!!

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  • dre
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    5 years ago

    Perth To Broome Distance

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It will be 2 very long days. I agree the coastal road is best and it's not much longer, if it is at all. The road conditions will be fine this time of the year. Just take off early in the morning and see how much you can do. I wouldn't like to drive that much a day.

  • Katty
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Would require AT LEAST 12 hours driving a day per day - not counting toilet breaks, getting petrol, lunch etc. So if you were not getting out the car for anything except petrol/toilet (eating in the car) it would take around 13 hours a day. BUT due to there not being much in the way of accommodation on the way (staying on the highway) most of the accommodation is taken up by 5pm (so you should look at driving from 4am to 5pm everyday).

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the others. I Prefer the coastal route.

    Just a point ....

    You will find Meekathara is on the Great NORTHERN Highway.

    After 2 days on the Great Eastern from Perth, you are in Adelaide !

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