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is this a good snack for the movies?

okay so My b-day party was stw days ago and I really pigged out and I had like 2300 calories then yesterday I went camping and I had about 1800 calories but normally I have about 1300-1500. Im 5 foot 3 and 95 pounds but I want to lose just a few before my vacation in 2 weeks. so is this good, I'll be eating like this basically, and I have swim practice for 2 hours and 15 minutes for 3 to 4 days a week.

breakfast: (I was still at camp) I had one of those many boxes of cereal (fruit loops, last one left) and a little fat three milk, but I dont drink all the milk I put in the bowl

lunch: a juice box and a peanut butter sandwhich with whole wheat bread and two tabelspoons peanut butter

dinner: im just going to have some peas since im going to the movies, and mabey an apple

snack at movies: I made this trail mix stuff and in it is: 3/4 cup of honey nut cheerios(120 calories) a 100 calorie nut pack, 1/4 cup dried cranberries(130), and half a pack of a 180 calories cheese it pack (90 calories)

is this good? im 15 I want to lose 3 pounds in the next two weeks and 5-7 before school starts

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    first off you are already underweight! why are you on a diet, and counting calories so young! DO NOT lose any weight, do you want bones sticking out, nobody finds that attractive.

    gain weight!!!!

    its nice to be healthy but when your underweight already you shouldnt be counting cals.. that movie snack is great, but at 15 i was eating the works at the movies, buttery popcorn, loads and loads of choc and a hotdog lol.. and im not fat now either.

    and what is the point in losing 3lbs?? you wont even see any difference..

    please eat and have fun while your able to

    good luck!

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    snack--- if I pass to the theater (not often) and feature the $$$ then ya gotta have popcorn w/ butter, nachos. drink---while I drank pop then a Pepsi. I do not pass to the theater a lot anymore it is too steeply-priced. Last few occasions we have now long gone as a loved ones we typically devour dinner/lunch earlier than going with 4 men and women it is breaking the financial institution to shop for tickets allow by myself purchase snacks.

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    yes that is very good snack! good 4 u! but decreasing portion size could help you lose weight, i know u probaly dont want to hear this, but you sound very thin to me, soooooooooo just decrease portin sizes and run bout 25 min a day 4.5-6.2mph 5 days a week. and eat healthy.

    p.s-actuaally when you add that trail mix snack up it totals to 440 cals... not so great. try aiming for a snack to be no more than 150 cals, if you stik to this you will see results in about 2 weeks.

    yes, 2 weeks. remember: the thinner you are, the harder it is to lose weight, soo dont expect to much cuz your already thin!!

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    i would just eat healthy like cut down with the sugary cereals you eat, you should eat dinner so you dont pig out at the movies and movie food is bad for you anyway. your not fat and you dont have to lose any pounds if you weight 95 and your 15!!! your under weight!!!! dont worry about your weight its just a number and its the inside that counts!!! good luck though...

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