How do you install a ceiling fan in a mobile home room that has no existing light. There is no attic space.?

How do you rewire it when there is no way to get above the ceiling?

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    Any of the large home centers (Lowes, Home Depot) carry surface mounted electric raceways... usuallin in white or off white, or cream... it also can be painted...and is made for your is also used in buildings with concrete ceilings, or when access to a wall is not possible. It is not real cheap, but meets codes. Boxes, straight lengths, and right angle fittings, etc. are available. Measure your requirements, including turns, before you go to the store. Also, remembe the ceilings in a mobile home are low, and even with a hugger style fan, the blades may be in your face....Finally, be sure no screws penetrate the roof, and there is adequate support to anchor the fan to the ceiling.

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    It is possible, if you have an attic above the bedroom, and it is difficult. First decide where you want the fan to go. Drill a small hole in the ceiling there, and push a stiff straight piece of wire up into the attic. A wire coat hanger works good. Then get up in the attic and find the wire. Clear out the insulation to expose the ceiling sheetrock. Trace a metal ceiling fan box around where the wire came through, and cut out the hole. Install some 2x4 bracing, connected to the joists, to support the box and fan. Now the real fun begins. Find the top of the wall above the switch you want to control the fan. Drill a 1/2 to 5/8 hole through the top plates, as close to direclty above the switch as possible. Then kill the circuit that controlls the switch. Remove the cover and pull the switch as far out of the box as possible. Remove one of the tabs from the top of the box. If it was a 15 amp circuit breaker or fuse controlling the switch, you will need 14 gage wire. For a 20 amp breaker, use 12 gage wire. Your going to have to fish the wire through the hole you made above the switch, down inside the wall, and into the box where you removed the tab. You may want to buy or borrow a fish tape for this. The other end of the wire will go to the box where you want the fan. Connect white, black and ground(bare wire) to the top terminals on the switch. Hook up the fan according to the directions that come with it. Turn the power back on, and you should be all set. If you don't have an attic, you can either cut into the ceiling to run the wires or use conduit to run the wires on the surface of the wall and ceiling, and surface mount the box to the ceiling. Just be sure the box is securely anchored to a joist. If the box is not securely mounted you risk haveing the fan come crashing down onto whatever is under it.

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    There is no ideal way but it can be done. Buy an octagon electrical box from Home Depot or Lowes. Paint it to match your ceiling. Locate a ceiling joist using a stud finder and screw the box to the stud with four 2" screws. (If you are sure the joists are more than 2", use longer screws.)

    Use decorative surface mount conduit to carry power from one of the power recepticles up to your ceiling box. Install the fan on the box in the usual way. The decorative conduit is sometimes a little difficult to find but it is available in most cities in North America.

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    It is not easy to do, if it were absolutely necesary, I would remove the material covering the ceiling and the wall where you want the switch. Run the wiring and install a ceiling box for fans, then reinstall wall and ceiling covering.

    I hate the look of that exposed conduit, it says "I don't know what the hell I am doing" to me.

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    Its real simple just buy a adapter kit when you buy the fan and run the cord down the wall and it will plug into an outlet.Your fan controls will all work fine.You won't even notice it,if the cord matches your wall color,if not it can be painted.No problem.

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