Help! Anyone Fashionable?


Okay I'm 12. My school uniform sucks.

Its a white Plain shirt, and Green trousers =.=

No Accessories, No MakeUp (I dont like makeup anyways)

No Bright colors, Nothing.

We can untie our hair, and pick our shoes, and make nice hairstyles and wear hats and BLA BLA BLA!

Can u give me ideas for Hairstyles, and hats, and stuff.

And how to make the school uniform look good on me (trust me, I look like a tree with it)

Please, No Mean comments (Pleaseee) Im begging!!


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    your uniform is boring, and just wrong. you said u want to try out different hairstyles.

    everyday you can change your hairstyle, so that you look different, great and unique.

    here are some ideas you could do: (ive put some websites, so check them out, they'll show what i mean and just examples.)

    okay: if ur hair is straight

    1. then you can put it up into a really high ponytail, with some cute clips on the sides or a cute hair bobble for example...a bow like this

    you can get these cute bows in any colour you want, same with clips. the bright green is just an example

    2. high pony tail then using a curler, curl the tips of your hair.......its a really nice look, just try it.

    3. you could straighten your hair, and simply leave it out/open, then accessorize it with cute clips like this

    or a headband....e.g bow headband, stretchy headband, and alice band

    4. you could curl all ur hair and leave it out.

    5. you could straighten your hair , then take two sections of hair at the front of your hair, and braide/plait them, then tie the two plaits at the back of your hair with a coloured bobble.

    6. do a little front puff with your hair then tie up the rest of your hair or leave it out. your choice.

    7. you could tie up you hair in a pony tail then, split your hair in about six or eight sections and then plait them.

    8. you could do a scrunch up bun.

    9. you could leave your hair out then put on one of those french hats (french beret).

    10. Wear a baker boy hat....they r really cute. :)

    check out the pictures below of them, you can get them in any design or colour

    ive only written simple styles because i dont think you'll want to go to school with big and complicated hair styles. just keep it simple and you'll look great and cute.

    anyway....hope i can always just try the styles out and see what you like and what you don't.

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    sweetie, why don't you try asking this in beauty and style? you'll get more helpful answers. =]

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    1 decade ago

    straighten your hair.......

    thats what i do and tie it into a ponytail

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my clothes don't match right now

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