In the UK, is it legal for companies to call you by dialing sequential phone numbers?

The 1 afternoon I get to relax a bit watching TV, & some a*!ehole company called me to sell me their carp! When I asked 'how did you get this number, it's ex-directory', they replied 'we dial sequential phone numbers' (e.g. 01010 621734 then 01010 621735 etc)!

I thought this was illegal, same as dialing through the phone book?


To be honest, the phones rarely plugged in at home (lines only in for the internet!), I don't know the number, I've never dialed out on it, never given it out & it's already registered with the TPS

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get yourself on the Telephone Preference Service. When you do it means these vultures have to take your number off of their database.

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