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Does anyone know of any places in Ohio to pick wild herbs?

Northeast Ohio

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    I'm in Northeast Ohio! :)

    Legally... you are not supposed to pick from public land. If i'm sure of the species however, i personally don't feel guilty about picking non-indigenous herbs (stuff the colonists brought over). The law is trying to protect endangered species. On private land you can pick if you have permission.

    Wild garlic and onion is all over in North East Ohio, and is even considered invasive. It's fairly easy to identify... garlic has a reedy stem like chives and if you break a stem and smell it you can tell immediately that it's garlic. It's very good... just has small cloves and the peel really sticks to the clove.

    Mints are also fairly easy to spot, and again, the smell gives it away.

    Burdock has a very large, dark, cabbage like leaf. I have not eaten this but my neighbor digs them up and cooks the roots.

    I've also found wild strawberries, apples, grapes, sweet and sour cherries, black berries, black raspberries, blueberries, mulberries. The black raspberries are out now but starting to fade. Soon the grapes will come ready. Fruit you can find by watching and listening for birds on your hikes. I watch the trail below for signs of pits and colored bird poop, lol. Cherry tree bark is easy to spot with the horizontal marks. Apple trees you can smell in the autumn.

    There are also walnuts and butternuts in NE Ohio, but they are a lot of work. Also in the spring there are free workshops for learning how to identify native edible mushrooms.

    Be cautious about picking round berries, carrots, or other foods that can be easily confused with poisonous plants.

    I wish i knew more! Have fun. :)

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    Check out some of the farms in the Cuyahoga Valley. I know Szalay's Farm used to let customers pick produce and they might have herbs. There is also a charming place called the Crooked River Herb Farm that has all kinds of interesting things, but I'm not sure if you can pick the herbs yourself. Also a friend once took me to an organic farm down by Hale Farm and Village. I believe it was run by nuns and they are very welcome to volunteers, but I don't remember what it was called. Good luck and have fun!

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    I would check the phone book to see where the closest Herb lives. I'm not sure he would let you pick him - maybe his nose...I don't know.

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