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Who built the Old City of Jerusalem?

I'm curious what people think.

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    Jerusalem is the land of the Bible.

    There are no definitive records that accurately precede then, no mention other than the bible.

    Back in 1000 BC King David captured Jerusalem, made it the capital of the Kingdom of Israel and built the first Temple. Then came the Babylonians and the destruction of the Temple, followed by conquering armies from Persia and Greece. Five hundred years later in 516 BC the Hebrews again controlled Jerusalem and built the Second Temple. Here Jesus, according to the New Testament, disparaged the high priests. At that time, the narrow streets were filled with moneylenders. The Romans and their puppet, the Jewish King Herod, controlled the City.

    Lets put this all into perspective.

    Herod tried to have jesus killed when he was a baby & elder jewish rabbis had him killed when he threw them out of his fathers ( gods ) house.

    Jerusalem's history tells us the last people to benefit from its existence should be israel.

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    The Jebusites were a Canaanite tribe who inhabited and built Jerusalem, then the city was reconquered by King David in 1003 BC.

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    Bob Vila of this old Jerusalem.

  • 1 decade ago "don't really cares " answer..but I'm pretty sure it was King David

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    the arabs who live there.

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    i'm pretty it was me :).

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