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Who has opted for the vitamin k,hep b, and eyes drops for their newborn after they were born and why/ why not?

I Have been researching what your newborn gets after they are born in the hospital because I have about another 2 months give or take till my little one gets here and she is my first baby so I want to be informed. I read online that the vitimin k shot is supposted to help with internal bleading however there is an increased risk of childhoold lukeamia with this shot. Eye drops blurr the vision of your child and are just a preventitive if you might have gotten and infection? And hep b is just for if you have hep b or if you are at risk. Thanks for any input. By the way I am having my baby at the hospital and keeping her with me the entire stay unless by chance I need a c-section then the baby needs to be monitored in the nursery where my husband will then go with her so I will know what she does and does not get and so she's safe.


Ms question- the needle for the shots? why would that cause autism or is that another shot?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am a pediatric nurse for over 25 years so my answer comes from EXPERIENCE and lots of it.

    1) Vaccination does NOT guarantee that your child will not get the illness that he/she is vaccinated for. So if you think that your child will not get the disease he or she is vaccinated for you wre wrong. Johnny or Susie can still get the measles, chicken pox, mumps etc.

    2) Vaccine manufacturers have a "deal" with the government that the companies will NOT be liable for deaths or disabilities caused from their vaccines. Ummm... why do you think this is?

    3) If you are Christian ... why would you want to inject your healthy new born with aborted fetuses and chemicals?

    4) If you are not Christian why would you want to inject your healthy child with aborted fetuses and chemicals?

    5) Are you prepared physically, emotionally and financially to take care a disabled child? You really need to prepare for the worse and hope for the best if you decide to vaccinate.

    6) Your doctor makes a STEADY income off of Vaccines. Think about how telling ALL the downside would effect their life and lifestyle.

    7) Many doctors do not fully immunize their own children becaue they KNOW the reality of vaccine dangers.

    8) Do you know what the difference in dosage is to vaccinate a 3 month old baby and a 30 year old 200 pound adult? NONE !

    9) Question EVERYTHING ... your doctor will not be caring for your vaccine injured child, staying up day and night, losing their job, losing their house, losing their family (most marriages do not survive a disabled child) .

    10) Review this and have your doctor sign it.

    Consent for Administration of Vaccination

    Dear (Physician’s Name): ________________________________________…

    If you will be administering a vaccination to me, or my child, today, I will need for you to complete the following consent form.

    Thank you.

    Responsible Physician Statement:

    I, (Physician Name) ______________________ do hereby state that I have advised my patient, (patient or child’s name)________________________ and/or parent of my patient, (parent’s name) __________________________________ that in my professional opinion this patient/child should be given the vaccination, drug or other (name of vaccination/drug/other) ___________________________________.

    Manufacturer’s name ____________________________.

    Serial number _______________

    Batch Number ______________________.

    I have on this (day) ______ (month) ______ (year) ______administered this vaccination/medication/drug AFTER advising the above named patient/parent of minor patient that there is little or no risk involved with this vaccination/medication/drug therapy or treatment. I hereby do agree that should this patient/child at anytime suffer or develop any permanent condition deleterious or injurious to his/her health as a result of this treatment, I will pay for any and all costs involved related to the care and treatment necessary for this patient/child for the rest of his/her natural life.

    I further agree that if my earnings are insufficient to meet these costs, I will sell my home, my business and all material possessions and put those proceeds towards meeting the needs and expenses of the patient involved.

    Date: _____________________________

    Signature of responsible physician: _______________________________________

    Signature of responsible person administering vaccination/medication/drug: ________________________________________… Occupational Title: _________

    Signature of Witness: Parent or other: _____________________________

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  • 1 decade ago

    I got the vit k shot because I guess I didn't even think about the fact that a vitamin could cause any problems. (A quick internet search turned up a recent study that discredited the vitamin k/leukemia link though) Also, vit k levels are low in breastfed infants and 90% of babies that have bleeding problems are breastfed - and since I was breastfeeding I was concerned about that.

    As for the eye drops and hep b, I did not do either. I had a scheduled c-section so there was no risk of infection to the eyes, and I had been tested during my pregnancy for hep b, so I was certain that I did not have it. If I hadn't been tested, I would have asked to be tested so I knew for sure. My daughter still hasn't had the hep b shot and she's over a year now and will not have it until after 5. I just think that babies get too many vaccines at an early age these days and not all of them are necessary.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO, NO, and NO. The vitamin K shot is important, however only 5 out of 100000 babies will have problems with blood clotting. There is a time test they can do to see if the blood is clotting or not. Hep b shot, come on, is your baby going to start having unprotected sex with 100's of people or start using street drugs. Eye drops is for gonaerha and cymdia. As long as you do not have these or take the risk of catching either one, your baby does not need it. Also, make sure your partner is faithful as well. All this is money making scheme for the pharm companies. My son is 4 months old and has not had 1 vaccine and is healthier than some of our friends babies. I had a c-section and my baby didn't leave my side. Also, do not worry about public schooling. As you can tell, I have done hours and hours of research myself. Almost all states you can exempt your child out of the vaccines for either "just because" or for religious reasons. By the way, the school may give you a bit of a hard time, but that is because the more kids they have vaccinated going to that school, the more public funding they have. Do what you feel is right and do not let some beauracy change your mind. Hope this helps. Any more help you can e-mail me at

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    With my now two year old, I wasn't even asked - they just did all three things. With this next baby, I will be refusing all three (but I will also be giving birth outside of a hospital). If you are concerned about vitamin K, it is just as effective for a nursing mother to take supplements in the 6 weeks following birth. Baby will get the vitamin K through mom's milk. The Hep B is unnecessary, IMO, unless mom has it already. (I am also of the opinion that shots should be spread out and delayed more than the standard CDC schedule, though.)

    The eye goop I haven't read as much about, other than to know that it can possibly interfere with bonding because baby can't see well. You can ask that it be delayed as much as possible after birth, and the nurses should be able to accomodate that. It might be important if you test positive for GBS or something, but in most newborns, it's probably not terribly important.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We are opting out of all three. Hep B only makes sense if the mother has Hep B. The risk of a child under the age of 10 at all is lower than the risk of fatality from getting the shot at birth. And this is according to the CDC.

    The eye goop is to protect the baby from any STDs the mother may have. Long-term effects on the baby's vision are unknown because they haven't done studies. I don't have any STDs, so it's not worth the risk. If my baby gets conjunctivitis, a couple drops of breastmilk in the eye usually clears it right up. I am also allergic to the antibiotic in the eye goop so there's no way I'm going to have it put in my baby's eyes right after she comes out of my body.

    As for vitamin k...babies are not all born vitamin-k deficient. If it isn't in their system when they are born then it isn't supposed to be. I don't think anything good comes from messing with the way our bodies were designed to work, babies start making it on their own at about 8 days and I really think there is a medical reason their bodies work that way even if they don't know what it is yet. I have also read what you have about the increased risk of childhood leukemia.

    If it ain't broke, don't mess with it. There is no reason to try to inundate a baby with vitamins, diseases and chemicals the second they emerge from the womb. I really think God knew what he was doing, and trust his design more than I trust the medical profession. If my baby is sick and really needs a medication or procedure that's one thing, but I'm not going to inject a bunch of stuff in them "just because."

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  • 4 years ago

    I live in the UK and over here we don't give a HepB shot or eye drops. Parents are asked if they want Vitamin K to be given and it's explained why. If you're bottle-feeding then it's given all in one dose, if you're breastfeeding then it's given as several doses over the course of a few days. This isn't an injection though, it's drops that are given orally - our first injections aren't given until 8 weeks (which is when the usual baby vaccinations begin). I agreed to my son being given the Vitamin K drops and the midwife just snipped the end off of this little sterile eye-dropper thing (that's what it looked like) and dripped it into his mouth until the tube was empty. Easy. They screen for STDs during pregnancy anyway so if there was any concern over those then it would be discussed on an individual basis with the mother. I don't even know why they would give antibiotic eyedrops, that's not even mentioned over here. Amniotic fluid is sterile and the head/face generally doesn't come into contact with urine or faeces, babies skin is coated in a waxy substance at birth anyway which provides a further barrier, and the midwives clean their faces fairly quickly after delivery. Our babies aren't damaged by not being given antibiotic eyedrops - personally I think that practice is just medicating for the sake of it, our rates of infant blindness and eye infection are no higher than yours and we don't give drops so what difference are the drops making? Ultimately, everything regarding your child is your decision. It's up to you as his/her parent and you need to do what you think is best regardless of whatever anyone else might tell you. In the UK though we don't give HepB vaccinations at birth or eyedrops and Vitamin K is given orally. Our babies are just as healthy as those born in any other Westernised country.

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    1 decade ago

    I did the vitamin k jab and the eye drops. I didn't do the hep b. I don't know, I figured the eye drops wouldn't hurt and the vitamin k thing is to prevent brain bleeding and I didn't want that -- but hep b is caught by needles and unprotected sex, so I didn't do that (or if I had it and passed it to him, but I didn't have it).

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  • Guess
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    1 decade ago

    I opted to allow my son to have all 3. Better safe than sorry was my mind set. Hep B is a very important vaccine to get. A lot of people believe the only way a person can contract Heb B is through sex or using dirty needles. This is not true. My mother was in the 5th grade when she caught Hep B. She was not having sex nor was she using dirty needles. Hep B can be spread by using the razor of someone who is a carrier of the disease. It's that easy to get it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    With my first child I wasn't even asked if i wanted the vitamin K shot or the eye goop they put on her, they just did it anyway. That was 16 years ago. She is a healthy teenager.

    With my son who is 3 weeks old they asked me and I said yes. The pros of having it done is better then the cons of not getting it.

    I'm worried about the needle they need to get, and will it cause Autism.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i did them All.

    i know, radical right.


    no, i feel the Pros much outweigh the Cons.

    ...and btw, I've gotten ALL her immunizations too.

    ...hope i don't get a Thumbs Down! :) :)

    Source(s): i have a Happy and Healthy 6 mo. old princess.
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