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Anonymous asked in TravelSpainEuskadi · 1 decade ago

translation of the basque song Jo Ta Ke of Su Ta Gar.?

I want a good translation of the song Jo Ta Ke of the band Su Ta Gar.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ^^, Terrible song and VERY old... over 18 years xD and what is shamefull is I can't say Basque music has got ANY better jejeje

    and it isn't in Batua Euskara... the song is SO old... the language was still new then !!

    First... Jo ta ke... mean's nothing... it is slang for like jo te ko... Yo te quiero... =] You I want...

    Nik ez diat inoiz esango hire egin beharra zein den nik aspaldi eginela aukera - I never am going to say to you what it is you will have to listen to the voices of people

    jaio ginen bai guda baten erdian urteak pasa ta berdinean gaude ez esan inoiz hua bukatua dago ez inoiz esan bidea amaitu da - we were born in half of a war they spent the years [fighting] and we are in the same you never say this finished you never think that the way has finished

    it repeats a lot... if you want the FULL lyrics in Basque P.M me and I'll write them, and do a best for an English version

    the song is saying you must listern to the voices of the people... [Basque people] and the sing of the "War"... for indepence

    ^^, although I am lead to believe that there were many riots when this song was written but no "Street Wars" Kale Borroka and bombs from E.T.A [or the same amount, with the same death tolls]

    Also many people who could speak Basque then, couldn't speak a united dialect

    Basque television had only been around for about 10 years when this song way wrote, and the Batua language was for about 20 - but no one could speak it until long after Basque television, so regional words and regional Basque feeling was stronger than a WHOLE basque feeling

    Source(s): I don't understand a lot... They are speaking some OLD Gipuzkoan slang Batua was made from Gipuzkoan... but not from slang words so I can tell you some, and a basic meaning of the song but this is all
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Jo Ta Ke

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