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在工作中學習不同領域工作及人際關係的相處,訓練應進退的方法、態度及溝通技巧,且,個性隨和樂觀、喜歡接觸新事物的我,每天接觸形形色色的客人,在應對顧客方面的問題我也一點都不陌生,且多次和顧客相處,確實要「親切」、「誠信」與顧客做朋友。希望能帶給顧客最滿意的服務 。




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    Learning tasks of defferent fields, communicating with comprehensive people, practicing skills of politic projects and growing decent attitude in work.

    且,個性隨和樂觀、喜歡接觸新事物的我,每天接觸形形色色的客人,在應對顧客方面的問題我也一點都不陌生,且多次和顧客相處,確實要「親切」、「誠信」與顧客做朋友。希望能帶給顧客最滿意的服務 。

    I am a person who likes to grasp new information, and there's optimism in my personality. Interacting with cusumers much times and days, I'm not a novice already and I understand that making friends with consumers by revealing kindness and credibility is a politic way to establish the relationship. I hope to bring the prime service for consumers.


    Life is an unlimited adventure in learning. For this time, I want to take challenges from fields, in order to strengthen the capacity of depth and width of experience in life, and I hope to conduct new project to make up for capabilities which I'm not good in, for expecting that I can fully bear my professional specialties one dey, besides, stem higher abilities from time to time.

    Source(s): 不容易翻。中文跟英文之間的文法、句構有些差異,我花了快一小時才弄完。
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