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Help, someone who try suicide

I went to Yahoo UK Answers to see this, it's a girl, any idea can help

her? I will copy your fantastic answers to that section


Do I commit suicide or not?

I'm suicidal i guess and i'm not quite sure what to do. I'm not scared

of actually doing it, i've thought through all the pros and cons and i'm completely calm when i think about it, thinking about it makes me

happy. The only thing thats stopping me is the thought of my family

and friends hearing the news. What do i do, preferably without seeing a phyciatrist (yes, i know im screwed up)


nobody can help, I came here for nothing

Update 2:

thanks mates for answers, I have copied into Yahoo UK

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    The girl, who is definitely suffering from Melancholia, needs a help from a psychiatrist right away. If she didn't get timely help, she would end her life sooner or later.

    It is wrong life attitude to think about committing suicide. Just like catching a cold, your mind is sick. It is not a shame to ask a help from a psychiatrist. Think that how much pain your parents could endure when they lost you. It will be a infinite pain in the rest of their life. Why not have fun with friends or go for a walk? You will find that there are so many reasons worth living for.

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    Don’t do it.

    I had an acquaintance. She just did it. It’s really killing for everyone who knew her. Not to mention the sufferings her family and friends had to bear. They blamed themselves so hard for not being able to help her. You know what is really hard? It’s not ending a life, but the pain that remains on those whole are left behind.

    If you feel abandoned, rejected by the world, that’s because you shut yourself from the world. It’s okay to feel that way. I think you may be surprise that most people share the same experience. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take a break, give yourself some space. Let the burden down for a while.

    Talk to friend or go to the psychological counselor. Find out what really disturb or trouble you and see what you can do for a change. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

    I think some regular exercise practicing and hobbies may be good distractions. Love yourself and give yourself a chance.

    Source(s): my sad experience
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