Are American lives more important than Afghan lives?

How come whenever dozens of Afghan civilians die, the news briefly mentions it, but when an American or Canadian soldier dies, they go into great detail about them? The news mention his full name, his wife, his kids, and even his dog.

They give a face to the solider, whereas the identity of the dead Afghans are essentially irreverent. Isn't that sending the message that American lives are more important? Shouldn't we feel an equal loss because either way we have lost a human being?

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    Here is the deal. When one of the Americans serving is my son..All my objectivity goes out the window. Sorry I want him home in one piece.

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    If I can I will use a piece of history, In the days of the USSR (Soviet Union), They have their own version of the FBI/ CIA referred to as the KGB. They ran the entire internal/external spy's, secret police etc. One of the sections of the KGB,( in the fifties it was called the NKVD, and it was section 5), were in charge of reporting the news to the Soviet people through Pravda, the Official news source. A race was run where their were only two runners, one USA one USSR. The American won. In Pravda it was reported this way:

    The USSR achieved a victory today over the west. The runner from the USSR came in second, while the runner from the USA came in next to last.

    Well next to last is first place. In other words the USA won and beat the Soviet Union.

    It is the same with all news sources that are reporting news to a nation of people. They will report the, (our macabre view of things), news and make it personal for us by listing the details of "our guys" and diminish or make bland the opposition or embarrassing deaths on the other side. I am sorry, but it has been that way for over 25 years. We no longer have real reporters bringing us the news, we have "anchor" men and women who have NEVER been a real journalists or investigative reporter. We have people that go out in the middle of the night and "report" from the scene about the car wreck that happened 7 hours ago. They have the voice or looks for the camera but are no means real reporters. The real photo or investigative journalists are those that are more interested in the truth than in ratings. They feel we have a right to know the truth. You will need to view overseas news sources for that so you can compare what is said. The London Times, The Jerusalem Times, The Christian Science Monitor are three goods sources.

    Source(s): I have been in historic places at historical times. I have yet to see a factual account of what really took place. I am sure those who fight now, are experiencing the same thing.
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    Actually, the world, not just america, is a horrible place. When you take into concideration the small amount of people who actually have the interests and well being of others versus those that only care about money, oil, and theirselves.

    However, onto the question you asked, no. Standards are the same no matter where in the world you are. If your a slimeball in america, you deserve less respect than a genuinely nice guy in Afghanistan. And vise vera.

    Not everyone in america deserves respect, just as Im sure not everyone in Afghanistan deserves respect either. thats just how it is when you have free thinking humans on your hands.! Your bound to run into one that makes you think twice about sharing the same species as them...

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    You're being idealistic. If my aunt and a strange died in the same car accident, I don't know that I would be interested in the strangers story until after I learned all of the details of my aunt's death. In news there is no "after" so the story of those less related to us never gets told. I bet the loved ones of the killed Afghans know more about and care more about their loved ones than the American dead.

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    In the big scheme of things? No they are not. But in reality? That's just how it is. Americans care more about Americans, Afghanies care more about Afghanies, and so on. The truth is the masses of the world have been manipulated masterfully and the only people that gain by any of this are the people in real power. The money men and the war machine.

    Edit: Do not make the mistake of believing that the U.S. is the only country that horribly propagandizes it's people. It's not. They all do it.

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    When, in human history, has every person that has died in ANY conflict ever reported by ANY nation? This is NOT an American trait.

    Your statement is self serving at best and inflammatory at worst.

    It has been and always will be terrible that these things occur, but blaming piddly *** crap like this does not help and does nothing to fix the underlying reasons for conflict...

    If this is the most important thing you can come up with, I feel sorry for you...

    Source(s): IMHO
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    No, but in order to prolong this war, the government encourages such thoughts, that wonderful Americans who went to liberate the poor oppressed people in Afghanistan. Those that die are glorified because they were fighting fo the cause of America. The Afghan deaths are pushed aside because the war would lose support. As it is, the war is fodder for the news and a perfect distraction for the government.

    NOTE: I am NOT saying that our soldiers died fighting for an unjust cause, I am just telling as it is.

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    Most likely because no one knows the Afghan people personally over here. Where as the soldiers families and friends live here.

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    Because news is presented to what they feel the audience wants to hear. If the news coverage will mostly been seen in the US or Canada then the names of citizens of those country's are mentioned.

    No life is more important than any other. No matter their religion or nationality!!

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    The old die by the hundreds of thousands every day. Is the manner of death so important? The hungry die, the sick. How do we discriminate what we focus on, what criteria would you suggest?

    Our solider, for who's safety we are charged as voting citizens, who have their lives in our hands, are our concern. We should know their fate, understand the conflict. The raw news of these things should be reported. We should focus on charges out of responsibility, out of duty, and out of respect for their sacrifices, no matter what we think of the cause in which they die. That is another debate entirely.

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    I am sure that the other side does the same thing.

    We are more interested in our own. They are more interested in their own.

    What hurts me is the children running along side of our soldier's. They look like my ex daughter in laws childhood pictures. To me they are all personal partly for that reason. She is half palestinian and her father lives in Saudi Arabia.

    Surely will be glad when this war is over. I saw enough civilian life destroyed in the Vietnam war.

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