How do I get the fax to work?

My link may not work. My printer is the Lexmark x4270 All-in-One printer.


I have an all-in- printer that includes a fax. I don't know how to get the fax to work. I hooked up everything that came with the all-in-one printer. Everything works except I don't know how to get the fax to work. I also only have a single phone line at my house. I have one phone line plugged into the filter in the wall then I have a DSL line hooked up to my modem. I don't know if that is important to make it work or not because everything else on this printer works fine except the fax. By the way this is the printer I have>>>>>>

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    Hi There,

    I read the spes on your all-in-one and they claim it has a built-in modem.

    Usually you can not send a fax through DSL so you may need to have your printer plugged in to the phone (probably with the filter installed).

    If it was me I would carefully read the set up instructions that came with your printer and you may need to even uninstall, reboot then reinstall the printer per the instructions.

    Hope this helps you get it working.


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    1 decade ago

    I've seen this exact story over and over. My best recommendation if you want to save money and headache is to forget using your All-In-One as a fax machine, this is out-dated. You can get your own fax number and account for $5 a month.

    I used to fax the traditional way and drove me crazy, horrible quality, constant errors and so on, well you know. Anyways, it just sort of clicked one day, it's 2009! Fax machines are dinosaurs, this is a dead technology, there must be a better way.

    So, doing a quick Google search I found, eFax, WiredFAX, MyFax online faxing services and so on and I found that: was the most affordable and suitable for what I needed.

    So, I definitely recommend giving the WiredFAX website a good read:

    Good Luck!

    Thanks, GladToHelp

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