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Would you pay for news online?

Would you pay for news online? If your local newspaper were to stop printing and went completely with an online edition, would you pay for a subscription and why?

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    No. Burning my eyes by staring at the computer is not my definition of an "enjoyable sunday morning with coffe and the newspaper"

    Com'on man, that's all I've got left.. don't take that too.

  • Kyleen
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    No way. News is something that should never have a price on it, it's just websites and companies that are far too greedy. This is one of the main reasons why I use the Herald Sun website a lot less than what I used to, I only read full free articles on there, and any articles that do have a 'price-tag' on them, I just go to another website. You pay enough for actual newspapers let alone paying online as well.

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    Yes, in this situation:

    If my LOCAL newspaper ONLY had an online edition and REQUIRED a paid subscription to access the content.

    There's content I need to know locally and would pay the online subscription to have access to it.

  • 1 decade ago

    **** no.

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