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For anyone who has read Three Cups of Tea...?

How do unexpected things bring Mortenson more deeply into his life's work. Name the unexpected incidents and people in his life and explain how they change Mortenson?

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    Greg didn't expect Pakistan and Afghanistan to lack schools and to have children willing to learn. He didnt expect to write 580 letters to the wealthiest people in America either and only recieve one donation of $100. Tom Vaughn unexpectedly introduced Mortenson to Jean Hoerni. This would get his work started because Jean Hoerni donated $12,000 so that Greg could build the school in Korphe, Pakistan. Later in the book, Hoerni unexpectedly offers Greg $20,000 to continue his work and an offer to become the director of a charitable organization, which was CAI (Central Asia Institute). When Jean Hoerni dies, he leaves Greg $22,315 in his will. Greg also meets U.S. Representative Mary Bono who schedules him to meet with U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who offers him 2.2 million dollars to build schools near extremist madrassas, which Mortenson declines. Mortenson didn't expect for nearly all of Pakistan to endure him like they did. HE also didn't expect the article of his work in Parade magazine would earn him one million dollars from donations to go towards CAI, especially after he had gotten criticized so many times about his views on the war and how to solve it.

    Hope this helps! =]

    Source(s): Three Cups of Tea by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson
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  • Tara R
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    i suggest you try again in the Books section...

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