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Requirements to be a NCIS Special Agent?

What are the Requirements to become a NCIS special agent?

Is there a best place to live for the job and

are there any height,weight requirements

or an age limit to apply?

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    I'd look through the link that the individual provided. Age limits to be a federal agent is 37 years of age at time of entry. This is due to mandatory retirement (from primary position) at 57 years of age.The other big requirement is a 4 year degree. NCIS typically likes to see some previous law enforcement, language, or computer forensic skills.

    Height and weight requirements vary by agency, I've seen feds over 300lbs. Typically it's later in their career though. Some agencies make you take a physical battery (i.e. 1.5mile run, push ups, sit ups) before you go to their academy - but many do not. I'm not aware of NCIS doing that at this point.

    Take a look at, and do a series (occupation) search of 1811 - that's Criminal Investigator - and you'll be able to see vacancies posted for various agencies.

    Good luck.

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    I was in NCIS when it was called NIS, and I retired as a special agent with the Dept of Homeland Sec. I have not seen the TV show, but do not expect the actual work to be accurately represented. I left because of the frequent transfers and overseas assignments.

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    um...i don't think there is a NCIS agency in real life?! and if there is, it wld be pretty much similar to any federal agency requirement

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