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Who was Mary Jo Kopechne who died 40 years ago tonight?

Sometime around midnight, on July 18, 1969 ******* drove his Oldsmobile 88 off of a small bridge on Chappaquiddick island, into eight feet of chilly water. The vehicle landed upside-down. While ******* managed to free himself from the wreck and swim to safety, his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne was left in the car to drown.

Who was the person to leave her in the car?

Was this person prosecuted?

RIP - Mary Jo Kopechne - July 26, 1940 - July 18, 1969 (aged 28)

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    Ted Kennedy has lived a full and happy life. Mary Jo Kopechne never had that chance. She perished, alone and afraid in that cold, cold water. I lay flowers on her grave every year on the anniversary of the Chappaquiddick incident, as I will tonight. I just hope that my small gesture will somehow let her know that though she will never get the justice she deserves, she is remembered.

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    If you read the reports from Law Enforcement from the incident the diver that recovered MaryJo from Ted's car found her body in a kneeling position. Her knees on the roof of the car and her hands were in a death grip on the edge of the seat. He had to pry her hands from the seat. He stated MaryJo did not drown. She suffocated from lack of oxygen. There was a trapped air pocket that had enough air to last her at least three hours. The vehicle landed top down. She died from carbon dioxide poisoning. She breathed all the air that was trapped in the car. Had Kennedy thought of her instead of his political career she could have been saved. The car was less than three feet from the surface of the water. No autopsy, a quick burial and Kennedy got his drivers license suspended for three months. In my thirty years in law enforcement I have seen much harsher sentences handed down for much less. This link had the Yted search results and Yahoo has removed the domain holder. It contained all the documentation from the local authorities. Read the FBI account and go through all the pages. See how the Federal Government declared she drowned when there was no autopsy, The FBI was part of the cover up. Odd how they can make such a determination with no scientific proof. The local Doctor that was on scene when they brought her body ashore even said it showed no characteristics of a drowning victim.

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    Ted Kennedy was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and was given 2 months probation and 1 year suspension of his driving privileges, a far lighter sentence than most people would get.

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    The man who murdered her was none other than Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy, a drunkard who only thinks of himself. A man who bought his way out of the justice system, and a maggot who is a national disgrace. RIP Mary Jo

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    Another disposable "whim" like me. Only I am still walking .No disrespect Mary Jo, but it's hell when the bastard turns on you. Maybe you are luckier than we know. Rich people do really crazy sh*t for kicks and just seem to get away with anything.

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    You forgot the most important detail: Teddy just walked home. He didn't bother reporting it to the authorities until he saw news reports the next day of a car in the water.

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    It was Ted Kennedy, I didn't need to look it up or look at all the other answers. I remember this event.

    No he was not prosecuted. And the Democrats in Congress worship this man.

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    Ted Kennedy left her in the car and din't call the police for hours and no he was not prosecuted.

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    Ted Kennedy was the one who left the car for Mary Jo to drown. It was the end of his ambition to ever be President.

    And NO he was not prosecuted.

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    As anyone here knows it was Ted Kennedy, and yes, he was prosecuted and found guilty, for leaving the scene of an accident.

    It wasn't murder, or even vehicular manslaughter.

    What most sensationalists fail to mention is that the law doesn't allow for speculation, so speculations are what have fueled this for years.

    Was she pregnant? Was he drunk? Her name has been slandered, and she was called a whore. She wasn't, not a whore and not pregnant.

    You can't take into court speculation about if he were drunk, and there was no proof of that. His story is that he was dazed himself, and since he was in the car as well, he had a responsibility to get himself out, but no legal responsibility to endanger himself to get her out.

    The law doesn't make you take chances with your own life.

    Its interesting that I've gotten four TD for the simple truth.

    I suppose that sensationalism sells, but its not accurate.

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