Why do Non-Asian males bash Asian men and then expect the Asian women to like them?

Any Asian girl with tiny bit of pride and dignity or honor will spit at you kind of people. The ones you get with are ugly and unwanted in their own race. They are insecure and you Non-Asian guys are eager and love them. Perfect match. Us beautiful ones stick with our own race.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Who wouldn't like Asian guys?

    I prefer them OVER white guys.

    I think white guys are way overrated.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, I think the situation depends. I'm on neither side but I would definitely feel offended if some non-asian dudes bash asians (guy or girl) because that would hurt my pride as an asian.

    However, not all whites do this. I see white people and asian people hanging out as friends all the time.

    And just because one white dude bash asian men does not mean asian girls should not date white at all. The white guys who bash asians, yes, they're not worth it for asian girls to date. But the other white guys didn't do anything, why should we take it on them too? That doesn't seem fair.

    Again, I'm on neither side but this is what I think is fair for both sides

    I don't think you're right by saying the unwanted, ugly and insecure asian girls would go for white guys. That's offending a lot of people I know and they are not ugly, unwanted, or insecure. They love the guy for who he is, not because he's white. Please don't generalize because most of the time you know it's not true and it's really ignorant of people to generalize too.

    Overall, ANY girl can go for ANY guy she wants. The ones who only date because of the person's race are super shallow and probably ugly inside as well.

    Source(s): A proud Asian Btw, are you an Asian male pretending to be an Asian female? Wow....
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    1 decade ago

    You know what - you're wrong. Not every Asian girl with dignity will do that. I'm proud (not in an arrogant way) that I'm Asian but I don't go THAT far... I just ignore those people and go on with my life 'cause I know they're not worth it. I think those Non-Asian guys that take control of submissive Asian women are just ignorant and selfish and those women just need to know what they're doing to themselves And, just to let you know, many Non-Asians are good people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you think Asian people are weak, don't be surprised once the table has been turned. If you have known the Turkish people, they have gained their strength from Asian warlords. The Turkish people even try to steal credit from Attila the Hun. Okay. It is day and it is night.

    If you think the world is ending, the world ended for Asia a century ago.

    Okay. It is day and it will become night.

    As you remember your fallen soldiers in ANZAC, you cannot resist to think that so many non-Asians died in Gallipoli> Yes! Ataturk was the Mongolian warlord.

    You cannot resist to think that many Russians were killed in a Russo-Japanese War...etc.

    You were about to launch a nuclear missile into China. You called Vietnamese people gooks, and the Japanese nips/yellow Aryans. It was day and it will be night.

    If you think this is serious, I am only being secular, which is nothing really serious. Because it is day now and later it will become night. Is this cutting through yet?

    N.B. White women are not a race. And I despise Asian girls.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not all white guys are like that-I have taught my younger brothers to be perfect gentlemen. And ones that do it doesn't matter cuz asian men are just as attractive as non-asian men.

  • 1 decade ago

    They could quite possibly be jealous of them? You never know, really. A lot of females (of all races) that I know find Asian men absolutely gorgeous and guys (also, of all races) make fun of them about a LOT of things simply out of jealousy. [:

  • 1 decade ago

    Well you cant be straight unless you are attracted to all race, but still, you have to atleast respect your own race

    and try not to be white, like alot of asian girls do

    You, my friend are 1 out of a millioni asian girls

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that was sweet of you to stick up for your men.. good job.. and as for the white guys who do that i always wondered why they did it and the asain girls still respected them.. white guys think they own everything and they dont they are the ugliest race out there

  • 1 decade ago

    I read a question literally less then 5 minutes ago in which a male asian called all white people trashy, what is up with your problem a) its not your life to decide who an asian women goes with and b) STOP WITH ALL THE DAMM RACIST QUESTIONS

    oh and from what I can see, the person I was referring to has posted here as to another racist and so my assumption is your all the same person trolling around

  • This question makes me want to watch the movie Gran Torino again.

    That movie was hilarious....

    --And a friggin shim (A dude who acts like a woman on the internet)! Now I really want to watch Gran Torino, "Quit being a pu55y!"

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